How to do well in competitive exams

Now that the boards are over, the next step is naturally the competitive exams. Most of you believe that it is more important to focus on these exams than on the boards and there is absolutely no doubt about that. The whole idea of competitive exams is to find out where you stand in comparison to the rest of the country and how well you do so that you could make it to a good college. All in all, these are the exams which actually determine what future you will have and whether or not your dream of becoming a doctor, an engineer, an architect, etc. will come true.


So here is how you can ensure that you do well in your competitive exams :

Time table

Now that you are grown up enough to not go to school, you can finally devise a plan that will help you make the most of your free time. Stick to this plan no matter what. Time at this point is very valuable and most of it should be spent productively. Also, make sure you have put in some kind of physical activity and time for enough sleep in your schedule so that you don’t fall sick or become weak.


You will have to revise the topics that you learnt in the last two years to be able to build up on those concepts further. 12th grade, mostly deals with complex problems than grade 11, but you will need concepts of both the years for competitive exams. So make sure you have all you books with you and start mastering the basics.

Don’t try to master everything

Preparing for the competitive exams is almost like jumping in an ocean to find that one pearl which is hidden in some corner. The only way to find it is to prioritize the places that you’re looking at. Make sure you choose topics according to their weightage in competitive exams, which you can find out online. Once you know what has maximum weightage, start from there. Do not take too much time to decide where to begin from and where to go because that will only make you feel overwhelmed.

The best books

There are several books available in the market which may be famous but not the best. To get your hands on the best ones, ask your mentor. If you are somebody who studies on his/her own, then look up to an older sibling or the internet and choose books that cover the maximum syllabi. You could always ask your friends too to let you know what books they are referring.

Test series

To get an idea of what the competitive exams look like, start looking at the last 10 years’ papers and to begin preparing or testing yourself buy a mock test book and the papers for the last 3 years. The weightage of the concepts keep changing over the years and this is where the last 3 years’ papers will help you.

A lot of people believe that it is impossible to prepare for competitive exams sitting at home, but the reality is that in today’s day and age all you need is a computer, a few reference books, good basics and hard work. If you have all of these, you’re sorted and no other person can help you do better. Also, apart from a fixed study schedule one should have a proper diet and some physical activity during the day so that the health and the mind remain sound. Staying healthy will help you become sharper and will make cracking those exams easier. Hope you do well!


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