How to Empower Youth to Face the Challenges of Tomorrow

We have often heard discussions where everybody wants the youth to step up and take the responsibility of the future. Where people feel that the youth should already come forward and do what is expected of them, but we never think if we have fulfilled our duties of passing on the charge to the youth in the right manner. Every place, when it hires new people to work, they train them for a couple of months so that people are not clueless about their job. We believe that the youth needs to be taught in the same manner. They not only need to be trained but they also need to be empowered to take over the challenges and the responsibilities of tomorrow.

1. Brush up – Starting with the things that they are really good at will be great. The youth needs to be reassured that such a huge responsibility is being bestowed upon them because they are resourceful, talented and smart. They also need to hone the skills which come to them naturally because you never know when they might come handy. The challenges of tomorrow could be very different from what we have seen already so getting them ready for that in whatever way we can is important.

2. Train them to be the best – Training the youth doesn’t mean that you have to tell them exactly what their responsibilities in the future will be. Obviously, one cannot do that, but making them aware of what the future holds for them. Making them aware that sooner or later the country will look upto them for a leadership is important. This can be done by making them responsible individuals who have critical thinking skills and are also sensible. We are not aiming at making the robotic, we want them to choose their path wisely.

3. Empower them – Give the youth the power to decide their own future and destiny. Let them make decisions for themselves, let them bear the brunt of wrong decisions and let them weigh the pros and cons of the situation on their own. The youth is growing up to be responsible and we shouldn’t pull them down by helping them in getting over the obstacles in their path. Give the youth the power to decide what they want for themselves.

4. Mentor them or talk to them – Last but definitely not the least, the youth would love it if you take out time to share your experiences with them. The youth today has great listening abilities, it loves it when people accept that they have taken wrong decisions too but life is not about the one decision, it is about a series of decisions and living by them no matter how hard it gets. Be true to the youth, be honest with them, confide in them and let them confide in you. Be their mentor, their friend, their staunchest critic and let them look up to you and make you proud.

Youth is set and is well aware of what is expected of them. It realizes that the reason behind people worrying about everything they do is because they will very soon be the face of a new era. They know the people want their best but it cannot always be implied. Go out and say it to them, show them that you care and that you’re there when they get intimidated by great challenges. They know it is their struggle and they don’t want you to fight it for them anyway, they just need a little support and love.


  1. Youth is the potential resource for the nation and holds a major significance in nation building for tomorrow. Thus, it is necessary that we focus on skill development and empowering youngsters to face the challenges of tomorrow. For this, we must introduce the vocational education at school level. This will help them discover their talents and the interests. Post that, it is essential that we provide them an environment to pursue what they can do best. Brushing them up fine and a right guidance can help us reach closer to our mission. A mission to make a nation of the dreams of our forefathers and freedom fighters.

  2. Our youth is our power to fight the world tomorrow. It is thus a need of the hour that we empower our youngsters in a proper environment. Brush up them properly. This includes the proper monitoring in terms of the conversational skills. Next train them the best. You must not tell them what to do but guide them in whatever they do! That apart, mentor them fine and empower them in the right sense.


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