How to encourage the youth to change their lifestyle

The lifestyle that we’re talking about is not something that they chose, it is simply something that happened to them. Owing to the crazy work schedule, lack of sleep and terrible eating habits, the youth is moving towards its doom at a speed faster than that of light. Prioritizing other things before their health, the youth conveniently chooses options without even realizing their long term effects. Their sleep cycle, their eating habits, their way of working for hours non-stop, everything together affects their body in ways more than one. And the results will be seen only after it is too late.


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Listen more than lecturing

Every person who has a bad lifestyle is mostly aware of it. Also, the youth of today will never listen to somebody who is trying to lecture them about their lifestyle or health. So whenever they complain about feeling lethargic, or growing fat, it is essential that you listen to them intently and then intelligently steer the conversation towards a healthier alternative. Suggest an outdoor activity, think of doing something that is interesting and requires physical activity.

Let them come up with options

When they want to eat something better than the plain simple home cooked food, give them the ingredients and tell them to show their talent. Let them devise a recipe which will satisfy their taste buds and will make your intent a success. Give them alternatives to their favorite fast food but make sure that it has a higher food value.

Physical activity 

Make sure that they take up at least one physical activity during the day. It could be walking up around 100 stairs, or it could be playing with the dog. It could be running errands on a bicycle or it could be going on long walks where you could talk to each other personally. Choose a way that fits their schedule and just suggest it to them by doing it yourself in front of them. This will help increase their stamina and keep a check on their health.

Importance of sleep

Mostly after the physical activity, they will be tired enough in the night to go off to sleep immediately. But if, however, that doesn’t happen then you should promote reading over the use of mobile phones and laptops. Also, a fixed routine will help their body clock to get back to normal and this will help them to get back to a health lifestyle in the real sense.

No to Drinking and smoking

There are high chances that the youth will never accept that there is something wrong with drinking and smoking. Most of the times they are unaware or don’t care enough about the adverse effects. At such a time, talk to them about other ways of unwinding and having fun. Make sure you set an example for them and clearly layout the pros and cons of this practice.

The biggest struggle is not to explain the youth what is wrong with their lifestyle, but to make them leave it and help them move on to healthier options. Most of the times, the youth is totally aware of the problems with their lifestyle but they can’t get their hands on the solution. Be a guide to them and bring the changes in to their lives subtly. They will be more than thankful to you and will start enjoying good health sooner than they could ever imagine.


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