How to Find Job in a New City

So, you have decided to move to a new city to stay closer to your family or you think the new city will present more opportunities as far as career is concerned. You want to make sure that you have a job before you actually make the move. Out of city job hunting could be quite stressful and scary. But, by following a few tips, you could conduct the whole job search successfully and move only when you have a job.


Fix the timeline : Once you have decided on the city, the first thing you need to do is decide how much time you are willing to give yourself before you make the move. Getting an interview and converting it into a job could be a lengthy process. So, make sure you do not start conducting the search last minute.

Update LinkedIn profile : Professional networking sites such as LinkedIn could help you conduct the job search in a much easier manner. But, you need to remember two things. Does your current employer know that you would be making this move? In that case, you can go ahead and change the geography of your profile in advance. If you are supposed to keep the move a secret or the move is subject to you getting a job first, it is ideal that you do not change the location.

LinkedIn groups particular to your new city : There are city specific LinkedIn groups that you could join. Once again you need to careful if you are conducting the job search in secret. There is provision for you to be able to hide these group logos from your profile. You can identify these groups based on the location and then filter them with respect to your industry. Make sure you take part in group activities and discussions and introduce yourself to people you would want to connect with.

List the name of companies : You must have certain companies where you would like to apply. The internet is vast and powerful. You can actually research your future employers while you application is in process. You can find out more about the company culture, policies, employee satisfaction and prospect of growth from a different city. It is important to narrow down your search by having a list of companies first. It just makes the entire process faster.

The cover letter is important : If you are aggressively looking for a job in a different city, you should keep your digital resume updated at all times. If you have decided to forward to resume to hiring managers directly, you need to mention that you would be moving to the new city and mention the time around which you would be doing so. Locals always have an advantage over out of city applicants. If your cover letter mentions that you would be moving, it will attract the attention of hiring managers.

Skype interview : Since your job search is getting conducted out of city, chances are you would have to interview over Skype. Make sure you are prepared in advance. You could be asked anything from why you are considering the role in that company to why you have decided to move cities. Skype interviews need to be taken as seriously as face to face interviews.

Your long distance job search would be a breeze if you follow the above mentioned tips. Along with this, you need to remain agile and alert on social media. Facebook and twitter can provide excellent networking opportunities with respect to long distance job searches. Make optimum use of the internet and land your desired job in a new city before you move.


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