How to help your child with Teenage issues

There comes a phase in life when trying to decipher the meaning of life becomes difficult. Mostly, this phase comes during the teenage years. Teenagers have myriad questions in their minds, but they seldom have anyone who can help them. At such a time, parents should come to their rescue. Parents should become the friend, the guide and the confidant that the teenagers require in order to set their priorities straight.

Teenage Issues

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Body Shaming

Only parents can help teenagers become immune to body shaming. The world is full of opinions and notions of beauty and a perfect body, but given the right support, teenagers can easily ignore every person who tells them that they’re not perfect and a misfit in the world. Parents should tell the teenagers that being perfect physically is far less important than being perfect mentally. Eventually, it is what is in your head that matters more than what is on it.

Peer pressure

Teenagers get influenced by their friends to a great extent. Under that influence they start behaving like somebody else. They drink, dress up, go out, all according to what they feel their friends would find cool. At such a time, only parents can help the teenagers find their real self. Parents should encourage the teenagers to be themselves and not get influenced by the idea of ‘cool’. Once the kid is confident enough, he/she won’t feel the need to behave the way other people do.

Performance Pressure

Performance pressure is the most detrimental thing to a teenager’s growth. A kid will never be able to give his/her best when he/she is constantly being told what to do. Thus, parents should just guide the teenager and let him/her do whatever he/she wants to after that. Also constant nagging about studies is what puts will put him/her off the most. This is a phase when the kids believe that they have grown up enough to figure out what they need to do, so avoid having too many serious sessions about studies.

Family security

A teenager will be the most confident if he/she is secure about his/her family. Lack of security gets transformed into the kid’s actions and one can easily make out if a teenager is feeling neglected or unloved. Fights between parents, physical abuse and the language being used at home also affect the teenager, so make sure your actions are always in check when you’re around your kids. This is also how kids form an opinion about things like long-term relationships and marriage, so make sure you’re setting a good example.


Teenagers often feel clueless about how to handle their relationships. They don’t understand complications and that sometimes drives them to take the most extreme steps. As a parent, you need to help them with this. Tell them the importance of relationships and how to deal with complications. Make sure they’re not only educated, but principled too. They will respect you for the rest of their lives.

Teenage is the time when the kids will either start loving you or hating you. Become a parent who is willing to invest in the kid because that is what will make a difference. The way you deal with your kids is what will decide if your life and his will become simpler or more difficult. Nagging a teenager too much will only lead to the breakage of the bond. Let them be themselves and just give them a push every now and then. That is all they expect from you.


  1. Teenage is directly associated with the pressure. Pressure to perform and a pressure to outshine all. It is the time when your child needs you the most. Thanks to physical and mental evolution and not to forget hormonal rush. It is the time when your children need you the most. Be their friends, talk to them and share your stories. It is up to you to comfort them.


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