How to Impress a Girl

Well if we are talking about impressing a woman then let me say that points to do that remain same in everybody’s case, irrespective of gender. The real difference lies in ‘maintaining’ that impression. You might be the next-door chocolate boy or the popular talker of your locality but what really matters is whether you’ve got enough in you to make a long lasting impression on the woman you’ve really set your eyes and heart on.

How to Impress a Girl

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So here are the few simple-yet-sophisticated tips that could change your experience!

Be Yourself!

There is nothing better than showing someone who you actually are and who you aspire to be. It is obvious that we thrive to show people the best sides of ours, but it is better not to forget ourselves in the process. If you’re simple, be simple. If you’re a nerd, behave like one. If you’re sassy, be like yourself after all. Also, you get to know whether both of your interests match. Ofcourse, differences are beautiful but then when you’re more of your own version – you’re giving them an option to peek into your soul and accept the real storm you are. Cause at the end of the day what stays in your mind is that image of the person you want to share yourself with. Don’t make the mistake of letting go of that opportunity.

Prove how chivalry still exists:

Call it old school, conservative or just cliché – there is something about a chivalrous man that women have always found appealing. There’s this stereotype of calling someone a ‘gentleman’ if he is typically chivalrous. Yet dare I say – such stereotypes, much love. I am an independent woman and I still hold detailed theory about feminism from old days but that is never going to stop me from yearning for some gentleman-ly gestures. Women love to feel special (not that men don’t) and when you’re holding the door for them or drop them home before ‘the’ deadline or offer your coffee even when she is done with hers or just prove that you’re a man of your words – know that half of the battle is won; not just because you won her heart but because you earned yourself an insurmountable amount of respect.

Don’t ‘try’ too hard

There’s a thin line to impress somebody and overdoing it. Do not keep on talking about yourself to the extent of the other’s irritation. It surely makes you appear all giddy, foolish and almost vague. Instead, calm yourself and let the conversation be interpersonal and healthy. You’re not supposed to rant your CV or talk about ‘how to be the next you’. This applies to men and women both. However, women have always had a soft corner for good listeners. You could save a lot of energy and most importantly, attract her attention when you keep your voice lower at a sophisticated level. Find a common ground while talking about interests cause you wouldn’t like the idea of her cursing you silently. Hence, keep that in mind, be modest in your approach and win your girl!

Make her laugh, not just smile

Wit. Humor. Spontaneity. Combine all to make your lady just craving more for your company. Wit is something that sells anytime, anyday. You just have to make sure of the timing. A good wit is a reflection of your intelligence and what can be better than leaving a mark of your personality. Even Professor Jeffrey Hall from the University of Kanas conducted a research in 2015 to suggest that the more times a man tries to be funny is directly proportional to the females getting interested romantically. But keep in mind that wit or cracking jokes is not supposed to include movie dialogues or quotes of the famous stand-up comedian of your country. Just do your own bit and enjoy. Remember, sharing a laugh always makes her feel that you both are somehow bonding over.

Maintain your limits

Desperation is highly condemning. Sometimes jumping three steps ahead or ignoring the orthodox procedure is too risky. You either end up getting bashed or bruised further for a heart-wrenching rejection. You need to understand why the circle of space around the person you like is to be respected. Let your woman feel that you’re not someone to put scars to their inhibitions unnecessarily. Wait for the other person’s approval regarding anything you have in mind. Last but not the least, make your woman feel safe in your company.

Before concluding, let me tell you something. These points are not only supposed to bring you closer to your desired partner but also make you somehow a pro while interacting with anyone!

So, time for some sweeping off of women through genuine gestures!


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