How to inculcate patriotism in young generation?

The nation entered its 69th year of independence and the idea of growing old as an independent nation is quite ravishing. But, with every new generation joining the working class and this transformation is something to keep a close eye upon. Why? The idea is simple. No nation can progress without the youth carrying that zeal for their country. To ensure the fact that our youth is considering the nation as a priority is the responsibility of the individuals and the elder people. Here a few ways which can be practiced to inculcate the patriotism in the young generation?


Arrange the patriotic programs

The idea may appear to be quite elementary, but the effects it will have on the young minds is something that will be useful in a long run! The student participation would foster and promote the love for the country in the hearts of the young students. This would produce a set of grownups with a great sense of love and chauvinism of their country. The educators get more of such opportunities. It is required to make the best of those opportunities.

Plan the curriculum and expose them to the national integrity

“If you need to carry a war against the war, you must start with the children” The insight carried by this sentence is extremely intellectual. We may not witness the overnight change but if it has to start, we can plan the long term impacts and the words. Design the school curriculum to a level that takes it to ignite the fire of patriotism in the hearts of the young school children. Acquainting them to the national flag, the national symbols, the national anthem and the national song will give the right direction to the way they think.

Indulge the Non-Profit /nongovernmental organizations in the plan

No one can question the eminent functioning of the Non-Profits/non-governmental organizations.Their work is taken handily and the commitment with which any NGO can look into the matter is highly commendable. They have a strong database and the partnership with them can take the awareness drives and various patriotic events to the bigger level. The idea can be flourished to every household by means of this circuit and outreach is higher, starting from the block level to the RWAs and all such levels.

Deal the online generation, online!

Thank the technical revolution or blame the social media, the current generation seems to be born online. Right from playing games to settling the bills, the deals are done mostly online. Not to forget the social media. In an age where the politics and the political leaders are taking it as a platform to express them, how about using it right for our purpose? Starting with online campaigns, petitions, starting the trends on twitter and Facebook and presenting the videos of the real struggle of the Independence and how our forefathers fought for it can have positive outcomes.

Despite all these methods being promoted out, the sole motive sustains to prioritize the nation first and inculcate this feeling of nationalism in the minds of the youth.

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  1. In my opinion, you can never inculcate the patriotism in the minds of the young people. It is something that is inherited and no power can ever eliminate or inculcate it. However, we can always help the people to recognize it. For this, the ways mentioned in the article can be of a great help. At the same time, it is necessary that the parents or the guardians of the students are active enough to let them realize them importance of patriotism and nationalism.

  2. I am 15 years old and I agree to the fact that patriotism can’t be created but only can be inherited from elders and my father was a patriot too and I also turned out to be a true patriot . When ever I hear a word against India or indian army my blood starts to boil. This is the magic of patriotism


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