How to Inculcate social values in youth

Being the youngest country of the world, India is looked upon as one of the potential leaders for the entire world. At this time when the globe is waiting for us to lead, our youth is our most powerful resource.

In this hour of need, our youngsters are our biggest assets. The power lies in their hands. The crucial note on this front is how we teach them to utilize this power to make India a better country .

The idea directly hints at the young and coming young generation at the same time. To make sure the right utilization of this important resource of ours, we need to instill the social values in this contemporary youth. How ? Take a look:


Be their best friend

Thank the techies like Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and many more, the internet has suddenly taken a sharp turn. In this span of the years, the parent-child relationship has seen the gaps widening and the distances increasing. This way, the future of our nation is losing the desired values and ethics they must be having. To correct the wrongs which have been done, be the parents must ensure to be the best friends of their kids. A strong bond between these two generations will itself improve the social imbalance.

Seminars and patriotic programs

We become what we see and learn from the environment around us. This applies to the youth of India as well and thus we need awareness campaigns on different levels. Organizing the seminars and holding patriotic programs can be of great help. The exposure to the history and how our young people gave up their lives for the nation will stimulate the right feelings and values in current youth. When the visuals will present the right image of the practical use of social values, young people will themselves be inclined to adopt related such values.

Listen to them

One of the most registered objections registered by the teenagers today is that they are not given a chance to speak or are overheard. This is an important point to ponder upon and thus has to be addressed. Parents must ensure that their teen kids have a say and are heard properly. This is something that may not appear a considerable issue, but this has negative implications in the long run.

Family Values

The changing times have deprived the youth to stay in a joint family structure. The nuclear family, working parents and thus, left alone at home, lonely! This is something that creates a major impact on the young minds. Giving a little time, letting children meet their families, grandparents and close relatives will help them learn and develop as a better person. Grandparents generally make the best of the friends to anyone. This friendship can be made to instill the right social values in the younger generation of India.

Society functions

They learn more if they stay closer. Occasional family functions can prove miraculous to attain the objectives. Youth sees the implications and the power of staying united, together. This assures the respect factor to come from within and not prompted by the external factors. Thus, society functions in the compulsory presence of everyone can be organized to instill the social values in our young people.

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  1. Social values are an essential component of the development of the society. Your kids are your assets and to develop them in a strong psychological environment, it is your responsibility to the country. Be their friends and assure their indulgence in the social activities. Ignore the seminars for the young and if not that, make sure that they participate in a few across the city. At the most, you must lend them an ear. A credible ear to be heard is the most reliable thing you can ever give to any teenager.


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