How to induce a feeling of patriotism in today’s youth?

Being patriotic towards the nation is everyone’s responsibility, for we as a society, as a group, form the nation. There is no nation without people and vice-versa. Youth forms a major part of the nation and being patriotic towards it is their major responsibility. While the youth today enjoy their freedom in heritage, they must know the amount of sacrifices the freedom fighters did without any second thought, the activities that happened during the struggle for freedom and the amount of bloodshed that took place, so that we, as a country, can enjoy this peaceful life. It’s very evident to notice that their sacrifice, nowadays, seems to have a very little value. This is a very true quote with says, “We realize the importance of a thing when it’s taken away from us,” and somewhere or the other, this is the exact case with today’s youth. Most of them lack the sense of patriotism within them; they fail to realize the value of freedom they get in heritage.


So to induce the feeling of patriotism, to make them know the value, it’s something that has to take place from the roots of their childhood. For, a seed will grow to be a huge tree only if it’s watered properly from the beginning.

1. The teachers here play a very significant role in molding the childhood of the youth. If the teachers, from the beginning itself, teach the value of freedom to the students, the amount to sacrifice it took to live in the free nation today, no youth will fail to value the freedom of our country.

2. NCC i.e. National Cadet Corps must be made compulsory for every school. In NCC, they will learn to lead a life of military discipline and fitness, which in return, will give them the insight to the life of the people serving military are leading . NCC with inducing a feeling of patriotism to the students will also make the students physically fit.

3. Along with the teachers, the parents too play a key role in shaping the mindset of the children. The way the parents’ outlook to freedom will be, same shall follow to their children also. So it is important for the parents to value the freedom, it’s only then will their children learn its importance.

4. Indian youth must, instead of opting for private sectors, go for the government jobs and contribute towards the country’s progress and development. For the work done in private sectors doesn’t contribute to our revenue, but the work done in the government sectors do contribute to the revenue of India which can be used in making a better and developed India. Knowing that the work they are doing in their government jobs is going to benefit India can automatically make the youth responsible and no doubt induces them with a feeling of patriotism.

5. Organizing camps on the eve of republic day and Independence day and showing documentaries of the freedom struggle, patriotic movies etc via audio visual equipments also will make the youth rethink the significance of the freedom of India and will thus have the youth thinking about the amount of sacrifice and blood it took to achieve a peaceful sleep in which the country dives into today without any second thought.


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