How to make a career in Photography

Our love for the shutterbug can be classified into two parts, clicking with it or getting clicked by it. Well, if you are only getting clicked by it, then you may be missing out on a lot of action that goes into making that picture of yours look absolutely fabulous, while, if you love clicking with it, then we may have this vital piece of information about how to make your love, your life.


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You don’t need to start early

Thankfully, one thing in life which you can do as and when you please. All you need to know if whether you love it enough or not. Whether it brings you the satisfaction and if a picture speaks louder than words for you or not. If all of the above are true for you, then for one, you are reading the correct post and second, your life is going to be one hell of a journey.

You should own a camera

Not the best one in the beginning, but a decent DSLR should do the trick, you need to get a hang of how to use those things. Get drunk on the manual, that thing actually gives out a lot of info and believe me, you need to know your camera inside out. A DSLR starts from around Rs 20,000 and goes on till almost 5-7lacs or probably even more than that. You need a basic Canon or Nikon DSLR which good specifications for something that ranges between Rs 20,000 to 25,000. Don’t buy too many lenses in one go, you always get one with the camera so stick to that for now.

You don’t need a degree

It is said that you don’t really need a degree while you’re in photography, but I urge you to get one anyway, do a basic degree which allows you to spend time learning more about your passion or get an arts degree with photography as a specialization. Your profession targets more at your skill than knowledge but then having knowledge is always a plus.

You could do a course

Go ahead and do a course if you feel it will help you become a better photographer. There are short term courses, workshops, online courses, books and even videos than can help you in multiple ways. Choose the fodder you want to gorge on and leave no stone unturned. Try new things, go on photography walks and join clubs, experience is the biggest teacher they say. The course can be 15days to a couple of months long and can start from around Rs 5,000 and go much higher.

Editing Software

Today, the knowledge of using an editing software is almost as important as honing your skill. Once you know what all your weapon can do, start brushing up your editing skills, there are courses for these too, and there are chances that a good photography course might train you in editing as well.

Create a portfolio

Once you’ve gained the technical knowledge, you need to start working on building your future. Start by interning or freelancing, you need to create a portfolio to show others your work in order to get assignments in the future. Contacts will help here and freelancing jobs are easily available. You may have to intern without a stipend, but as long as it is adding to your credibility, go with it. Internships and freelancing gets you in touch with various other artists and clients which is good for the long run.


Once you are a little established with the internship and freelancing, use social media as a platform to spread the word, advertise your work. Social media has various groups which can land you a job too, and you could find your niche while working on small projects and try to rope in the big fishes in the market. You could start your own page or a website too, try not to spend too much and if a friend who knows this stuff could help you, then nothing like it, because now you are set to become a professional photographer.

Photography is once field which unfortunately has too many people trying their luck in. Everybody thinks they are a good photographer, hence, it will take a while before you attract some eyeballs, but the best part is there are a lot of projects out there so in no case will you ever be out of business. Hope, you make the best of what you’ve got. Go, click away to glory!


  1. Photography is not what your lens captures but it is something that your eyes see! If you think you have a mind of imagination and vision of your eyes, you can start anytime. Equip yourself with certain editing software and make sure you do not totally rely on editing altogether. That apart, try clicking max from different angles to sharpen your skills. Take part in the photo walks and do send in your entries for different exhibitions in and around the city.


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