How to Make Career in Teaching

Teaching is one of the most respectful and important professions in any country. Teachers shape the future and bring about the most miraculous changes. They are the givers of education and some of the most valuable lessons of life and making a career in this profession would probably the best decision you ever make. A teacher is someone who learns throughout his/her life, it is a two way process of giving and absorbing.

Teaching Profession India

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Here’s how you can make a career in teaching in India :

Start early

You need to focus on what you want to become, if teaching is something that you really love, then probably should go for that. Teaching jobs in our country are usually easily available and do not demand anything that cannot be met in terms of qualification. If you’re aiming at teaching in a school, then a B. Ed would suffice, but the higher you go, the more specialization you would require.

Find out the courses

Post school you will have to start looking for colleges that offer the course of Bachelors of Education (B. Ed). Once you have the colleges shortlisted, find out the fee structure of each one of them and see what suits you the best. The fees of a regular college should be somewhere between Rs 10,000 to Rs 30,000. Most of the people first do a regular Bachelors degree and then go for B. Ed so that you have other options open as well.

Teaching in colleges and universities

If you want to teach in colleges and universities, you will require a Masters or even Ph.D in your particular subject. Also, the selection process is quite stringent so you will need to clear certain exams which will check your ability to teach.


Education loans are easily available in case you need monetary help in fulfilling your dreams. The loan can be paid back once you start earning and you just need to keep paying the interest amount before that. Banks offer loans up to 7.5 lacs for higher education.

Jobs available

When you are looking at becoming a teacher, you are looking at jobs where work timings are usually from 8am to say 5pm, sometimes a little more than that, and in regular schools the pay would be somewhere between Rs 5,000 – 25,000 per month. If you are teaching in a college or as a lecturer then your salary could easily be more than Rs 40,000 depending on your qualification or experience.

How to crack the interview

Once your qualification is in place you need to figure out where you would want to teach according to your convenience and the salary structure. You might need to do some research about the institution in advance and then you will need to decide on what to say if they ask you why did you choose teaching as your profession particularly. Tell them how you want to help in the development of the country and how you believe that teaching is a noble profession. More than anything you need to believe in what you say because then you will be radiating with confidence.

Becoming a government teacher

Becoming a government teacher might be a good option right now because under RTE the government has decided to provide sufficient number of teachers in public schools. There is a good salary, job security and the option of helping the country develop in a government job, and you will keep undergoing teacher training to develop yourself from time to time.

Becoming a teacher will probably be a decision that will decide your lifestyle, your role for the rest of your life and how you participate in the development of the country. The nation requires good teachers which give quality education to the children so that our tomorrow is safe, secure and prosperous. Happy Teaching!


  1. Teaching is one of the noblest professions. Teachers are considered to be the nation builders. To become a teacher, first of all, you must be having a lot of patience followed by the zeal and enthusiasm of being in the occupation. It is not always about making the money but it is more about making the nation. You must keep an eye on all the latest updates on job applications and be inquisitive all the time.


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