How to make your university application stand out

The youth of the country is in a phase where it wants to add to its qualification and exposure by taking up a course abroad. Now, most of the universities abroad do select a lot of students from our country, but there should be that x factor in your application so that it doesn’t go unnoticed. Like several Indian students, I was clueless about a few things too while filling out my applications and thus, here is a list of things that would help you make your application better and un-put-down-able.

The colleges you choose – First of all one should be very sure about the colleges that they apply for. There will be a lot of colleges offering the courses that you wish to pursue but shortlisting is a must. Looking at all the important aspects that you would need to consider before getting into the college. Check the rating, the fee structure, the course schedule, the modules and the geographic location. This would be a very important step in your filing of an application because after you look at the requirements of each of the universities that you have short listed, you can get to work and start putting down a strong case.

Essays – Make sure your essays are well written, edited and vivid. The essays are a basis on which your admission to the university depends and hence they should not be taken lightly. Take your own sweet time, write multiple drafts and get help from your friends in editing them and making the crisp. The essays, in any case, should be written by you because it will be you at the end of the day who would be taking the course and it will work in your favor. Also, try to be honest while writing the essay because the people who will end up reading your essays will know when you faff.

Online time management – Stay in touch with all that is happening online while you are in the process of filling the application. It is absolutely essential that you do not miss any detail. If there are online discussions happening, be a part of them and reply to the college authorities well in time in case there is a conversation going on. You will also need to regulate the data you have on social networking sites because that is one of the most common ways of universities to assess your personality before they take you in.

Reach out to the admission authority or student leaders – In case of a doubt, do not stop yourself from reaching out to the admission authorities of the universities, they have help desks for a reason. You might also want to get in touch with the alumni of the universities to get a better picture of what your life is going to be like once you get in and out of the university.

Don’t overdo it – All said and done, do not go overboard while trying to create a good impression. This is not school and being a teacher’s pet will not help you get through the top universities of the world. Show them your capabilities, but before you attach something extra with your application, which you may think might impress the admission council, just ask it they accept it. You do not want your smart move to back fire.

Filling out an application form is, like everyone says, no rocket science, but it has its own dos and don’ts. Also, while you are at it, if you find yourself on the waiting list, do not hesitate before sending an e-mail to reaffirm your interest in joining the course. Being pro-active might help you there but other than that, don’t fret and just be yourself.


  1. In your university application, you are basically reflecting your own self. In this procedure, it is essential that you take a note of the above-mentioned things carefully. You can not ignore to make the right selection of the college. The selection of the brand college will enable you to take a lead in the placements. Moving to the essays, ensure that you choose the right topic and edit the same quite well. Editing and re- reading the same will remove all the possible discrepancies.


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