How to Manage Curly Hair

Hello people and welcome to the world of Curls! We see a large number of people having those crazy curls! Some have the tiny ringlets, some have the wavy ones. Each size and textures of the curls vary from person to person. A very widely known fact about curls is that the people who have curls, their scalp usually lacks oxygen which eventually provides them with a unique set of hair. Now with the uniqueness of the hair, comes a great responsibility. The major question, “How do we manage and take care of them?” It’s simple! Just follow these steps, and you’ll have beautiful, long lasting ringlets!

Curly Hair Girl

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Oiling is the most essential part for the hair as well as the scalp! The curls MUST be kept moisturized! The key to healthy, bouncy curls is proper oiling which provides a healthy nourishment to the hair. Coconut oil works best for the curls. Massage your hair with the coconut oil and don’t forget the tips of your hair. The tips are the oldest part of your hair, therefore, they must be nourished, oiled and protected. Massage em for 15-20 minutes, finger-detangle them, tie em up and sleep.


Once you’re done with the oiling, then next part is to wash em gently with a shampoo that suits you the most! As I mentioned earlier, that curls vary from person to person, there is no specific shampoo for the curls. But yes, I would recommend products from Loreal as well as BBlunt. They have shampoos and conditioners specifically for all kinds of curly hair. Gently wash your hair with the shampoo and do not pull or try to detangle them while you’re using the shampoo.


The key to soft, shiny and bouncy hair is the conditioner. Once you’ve washed all the shampoo off, take a little bit of conditioner and put it on your hair. Now, while you’re using your conditioner, gently finger-detangle them and leave it on for 4-5 minutes.


Say NO to Blow-Drying the curls! Lads, if you have curls, refrain from blow-drying them because you’d lose the shine and a fluff on your head instead of the ringlets. It damages the curls to the core and at times, also straightens them. Never blow-dry the curls! When you dry the hair, use a t-shirt and start scrunching your hair upwards. This would help in providing volume to the curls and would better the texture. Once you’re done with the crunching, let em dry. I repeat, do not use a blow-dryer.

Make sure you oil your hair once every week. You’ll see the growth shoot! Also, when you need the perfect curls, do not wash them every day! Just tie your hair up like a pineapple and use a pillow/cushion with a silk cover. It will help sustain the next day curls!

Just follow these steps and you’ll have the perfect curls which will last long! All these curls need is a little pampering. You love them, they’ll love you back.


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