How to manage your time with a newly born

Life drastically changes when a baby is born in a family, it is a time for celebrations, joy, and happiness but above all it is also the time to make certain good arrangements and management. However, everyone seems to be so excited in the family but it is the parents and particularly a mother who has to manage her time so well that she doesn’t have to make any compromises in the care of the newly born. I personally feel that when the newly born arrives in the home every member of the family should seriously help and support the new mother because this experience is even very new, to her. The husband and the elders should cooperate with the mother in every respect so that she can take a good care of her child and can also get some time for herself.
Taking rest and medication is also important during the post pregnancy thus, she should be encouraged and assisted properly at this time. The post delivery period is actually a crucial time, honestly speaking during this period, in reality the newly mother doesn’t get enough time for herself, her whole time is completely dedicated to the little one, she has to feed the baby on time and that too at small hourly intervals, preparing the child and many other miscellaneous tasks consume a whole lot of her time.
During post pregnancy some females face complex issues like; severe fatigue, restlessness, lack of sleep, nervousness, deficiencies of Calcium and Vitamins, back-pain, lack of time to have proper meals and etc. these issues make her irritable and feel helpless and then she just wants to run away somewhere. Henceforth it is very important on her part that she learns to manage her time in a well manner and may consider the following tip:
  1. Take small naps when the baby is sleeping: taking small naps is very essential because these naps will help you to feel refreshed and energetic when the baby is awake and you have to take care of him/her. Try to take a nap of 15-20 minutes twice a day so that you can save your stamina.
  2. Take help of some elder: taking help of an elder in your family will reward you in saving your some time for finishing up your basic tasks. Ask an elder to look after the baby for an hour or till the next feeding time so that you can exercise/take bath/have meals/take rest/ironing baby’s clothes/or do other basic chores.
  3. Manage for a maid: try to keep a maid for doing the home chores so that your time doesn’t get consumed there but rather you can take care of the child during those hours. Cleaning and dusting, washing; these chores consume much of your time so try to hire a maid for these tasks at least in the initial months when the baby is too small and needs your whole attention and care.
  4. Divide the work: it is not only the duty of a mother to take care of the newly born all alone but the father has also got some responsibilities towards the baby thus, on a happy and empathetic note you may ask your husband to help you during the night time by changing the diapers of the baby, feeding with bottle, or just waking up with you when you are feeding the baby.
  5. Avoid unproductive activities: managing your time with the newly born is tough but you might make it tougher if you are consuming your time in some unproductive activities like surfing on internet, chatting over phones for long hours, playing games and etc. I am not saying that these activities are wastage of time but at least during the post-delivery period such things will consume your ‘precious’ time that should have been consumed in some beneficial activities.


  1. Time management is something that has been mastered by the ladies! Maybe that is why the pleasure of bearing a child is assigned to a woman. When it comes to the management of the time with a newborn, the post-delivery phase is one of the toughest time of the life. Women need to be cautious of the infant as well as her own body. At this point of the time, it is necessary to adequate sleep and fair meal.


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