How to prevent road rage ?

Road rage, although unintentional, has been claiming lives of many of late. It is not something that a person does purposely like rape, murder, etc. but can very easily be classified as one of the deadliest acts in the history of human life. It brings endless suffering to everybody – the ones who get hit and the ones who hit, the guilt of not taking timely precaution makes one repent for the rest of their lives. There are many reasons that can lead to road rage but there are even more precautions that can help one keep their actions in check.

Avoid Over Speeding

No doubt speeding seems fascinating at times or at others it is seems like the need of the hour but it can very easily avoided. When rushing to work, one think that speed is the only thing that can save them from the wrath of their boss but speeding and safety seldom travel together. The point being that rushing to work can be managed better, one can always leave 10 minutes before the regular time to ensure that the traffic and delay is avoided, this will also give the driver the peace of mind while driving and makes sure they reach safely.

Follow Traffic rules

Breaking traffic rules has never resulted in a good omen. For that one second, it may seem like a good idea, but may lead to devastating results later. Obeying traffic rules is imperative when on the road, it ensures that everybody is secure, and that the traffic moves in a tandem. Breaking traffic rules has been known to be one of the major reasons of accidents and deaths in metropolitan cities, and if we wish to fight road rage, this is the first thing we need to start following.

NO Drinking and driving

One of the most common reasons for road rage is drinking and driving. Thinking that I can handle my drinks well enough to drive myself, my family or my friends back home is not a sensible thought. You may be alright, but risking the lives of your loved ones and the other people on the road can never be justified. Also, the other people on the road become unsafe because of your decision too. Thanks to the idea of a few individuals we now have drivers whom you can call to drive you back home, in your car from a party. The charges are nominal and the benefits are invaluable.

Your mood

Your mood or somebody else’s behavior should never reflect in your driving. People often relieve their stress by driving or sometimes drive really fast when they’re angry, this is the most dangerous thing ever. Don’t let your driving become an extension of your mood, it might make you regret later when things get out of hand. Also, make sure you calm down before you hit the road, that will help in keeping the situation in check. We all know the road is full of idiots but you should become an idiot yourself.

No Mindless driving

There will always be friends or kids or people who love to talk to the driver or distract them while driving, but it is the responsibility of the driver to make sure he does not lose control. And even if you are obeying all the rules and being careful, there might be somebody else on the road who is reckless, saving yourself and your loved ones from that one person is also a part of your responsibility. So, when you’re on the road, make sure all your attention is there too.

Don’t take it personally

Nobody leaves from home thinking that they would ruin your day on the road, so whenever that person driving in front of you or right next to you makes a cut, do not react as if he was born to make your life a living hell. Mistakes come naturally to all human beings or he might be having a problem in the car. Give him the time to get back to normal before you take an extreme step. Always keep in mind that you are not the other driver’s target and he is not doing it purposely, this will help you in keeping your anger level low.

Road rage can be easily avoided if everybody sticks to the rules and drives carefully. It is about time we start taking all those sign boards on the edge of the roads seriously. Human life is way too precious to lose in road accidents and the guilt of having hit somebody can be quite terrorizing too. Being a careful driver might be conventional thing, but it is something that will never make you repent your actions. The ball is in your court now, what do you choose? Safety or road rage?


  1. A large number of the deaths are generally caused because of the road accidents in India. In this situation, it is thus essential that we people take steps to eliminate the road rage or, at least, minimize it. To avoid the road rage, we must avoid the over speeding and follow the traffic rules. Once you drive abiding the speed limit, you will never lose the control of the vehicle. This acts as a savior all the way!


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