How to Promote Bicycle Commuting in India

Bicycle commuting not only helps you stay healthy, but also helps in making the country a better place to live in. If more people start commuting using bicycles, the pollution would decrease, the traffic problems will get solved and the average health of the country would improve marginally. The biggest problem that our government is facing today is the issue of making people change from commuting in their private vehicles to other modes of travel.


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Separate lanes

The first and the foremost thing that the government needs to do is make the roads safe for cyclists. The roads of our country are full of rash drivers, law breakers and short tempered people. In such a situation, it becomes imperative to have a separate lane for the people commuting on cycles. This will ensure their security, help them in avoiding the pollution from the cars, and give a better way of avoiding the traffic.

Promote healthy living

The idea is to promote not just cycling, but healthy living as a whole. The death rate in our country has grown manifold in the last couple of years because of health issues. Cycling to work and back, and otherwise too, will ensure that you have that one physical activity in the day which will keep you fit for years to come. Health freaks can very easily quit the gym and start cycling and older people can do it for sometime at the end of the day while running their errands.

Avoid traffic

People should be given alternate ideas to avoid traffic, and commuting on a bicycle should be on the top of that list. No matter what hour of the day it is, no matter how jam-packed the streets are, the cyclists will be able to find their way and reach work on time. The best part about using bicycle for Commuting is that there is no fuel burning and you end up utilizing your travel time in the best possible way. And there will be absolutely no reason to worry about the unprecedented traffic situation.

Ride-to-work day

Just like the no-car day, there should ideally be a ride-to-work day at least once every month to encourage the use of cycles for commuting. The people who use cars and other private vehicles for commuting should be asked to travel using cycles or public transport. This will help metro cities like Delhi and Gurgaon to get a grip on the traffic situation and the pollution levels, and the people will who usually have no time to workout will not have any complains either.

Rewards for going green

The whole idea that your vehicle shows your class has added to the problems of the country. Once that notion gets defeated, people will very easily adopt cycling and other ways of commuting. Thus, marathons and cycle rallies should be organized to make people get used to the idea of cycling. Also, there should be special rewards given to the people who choose to buy a cycle over other two-wheelers and cars.

We are living in the day and age where we are bothered by problems like traffic and pollution more than ever. Commuting on bicycles, at this time, provides the best possible solution to almost all such problems. Also, cycling is the best way to beat the global warming happening because of burning of fuel and will help us save the fuel for longer too. The ball is now in your court. Will you do your bit to help yourself and your planet?


  1. There no against to the motion that the levels of pollution are alarming in the country and have a direct negative effect on the health of the citizens. In this vow, it is essential for the people and the authorities to promote the cycling to commute within a city. This will be serving a lot of purposes in one go. First, pollution will be a matter of history. Second, traffic jams will no longer be troubling the people. Third, the health of our own people will not be undergoing crisis under the menace of the pollution.


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