How to stay Fit ?

The body is like a plant that needs to be nourished and you are the farmer. Just like a plant that needs the right nutrients, the right amount of sunshine and the right air; similarly, the body has its needs. Keeping fit is more about staying healthy than merely working to have the desired body shape and size.

How to stay Fit

What does keeping fit entail? Keeping fit entails being healthy with the least bodily ailments; being active enough to carry out day to day activities with ease and a positive outlook towards life. Therefore, it includes the body as well as the mind. This will be clearer with this example: If you want to lose weight, it will not be possible without a willingness to make the effort to shed those extra pounds. Here, comes the in the role of a positive outlook in life. Even if you are unable to lose those extra pounds the first time you try to, you try again and yet again.

The five senses, the body is the magical window through which one can experience the beauty of this life. Even the wealthiest person cannot enjoy the beauty of this life with an unwholesome body. Health should therefore be a priority. According to Mahatma Gandhi:

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”

To be the benefactor of this ‘real wealth’, some of the things that you  could do are:-

Eat healthy!

Once you develop a knack for healthy food, you develop the taste and start relishing it. Eating healthy food is no more a tedious task but something that you enjoy indulging in. It’s a myth that healthy food cannot be tasty!

Drink healthy!

Drink a lot of water every day. In fact, you must start your day with one or two glasses of water. You could always keep a water bottle by your side. Keep drinking liquids in the form of juices and soups too!

Make your health your number one priority

In spite of all the work load you have there, make your health your number one priority and take out time to unplug yourself and work out. The art is to balance work and work out. Ensure that your workout is something that you enjoy doing; you could even do such activities with your friends that require you to work out a little.

Get the right approach

You must take care of your body not for anyone else but yourself. Being the magical window to this life, it is your responsibility and something that will reward you. Even if you falter, get back to it as soon as you can as establishing a routine could be challenging in the beginning.

Though the task seems enormous at the threshold, it becomes a child’s play once it becomes a part of your routine. A healthy body secretes the right hormones to keep stress at bay. To stay away from the negative cycle, take out your shoes and get going!


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