How to Succeed in Life with Positive Thinking?

Humans are the ones with the ability to think and perform, but this simple code has been made complex because of the negative programming that is embedded in their minds since the very beginning. The fear of failure is so high that they usually give up even before trying, and this is where the Negative Thinking wins.

Mostly, people today work hard in conditioning their body, but rarely does anyone concentrates on developing their mind. Here conditioning mind is related with positive thinking. Positive thinking is one’s powerful tool or rather a technique that helps in culturing mind.

Human mind is particularly framed into two sections; one is conscious mind and the other is subconscious mind. Conscious mind works on reasoning and logics, while the subconscious mind follows the rules and patterns set by the conscious mind. However, when a person’s conscious mind regularly performs, learns and practices a fact, it slowly becomes real for that particular person and hence they start believing it, Why? This is because, when conscious mind performs certain task for a certain time, the concept and idea slowly creeps into the subconscious mind and then even when a person is not consciously activated, he or she acts quite the same way. So it’s all about how one programs and controls his or her mind.

Therefore to turn into a positive thinker, it is mandatory to reprogram the subconscious mind and throw out all the negative thoughts. To reprogram the subconscious mind, it is necessary that our conscious mind first accepts the idea. Therefore there are certain basic steps involved that can help in reforming the entire concept of thinking and convert fears and failures into confidence and success.

Be confident : It is important to understand that when one tries to reform themselves they must believe in what they do and the way they do it. Unless and until one respects and loves his or her self, he or she will never be able to build faith within themselves and will always take shelter behind the word CAN’T. Therefore it is important to love, respect and believe oneself and then it will become easier to work on the rest of the factors.

Visualization Technique : This is one of the most adorable and powerful technique so far. This technique has empowered the dreaming process. Often it is said “fake it till you make it”; well this technique works on the same ground. In this the person dreams and visualizes about what they desire and how they will achieve it. This switches person’s imagination into active mode and helps them see things as they desire, sitting with closed eyes and in most calm and relaxed position. This helps the person to understand and guide them on how should they work to fulfil their dreams and desires by building bridge between conscious and subconscious mind.

Add feelings and trust : It is always seen and studied that when any task is done with passion and dedication it always turns out to be profitable and best. Same technique is required in positive thinking. When one put all his or her efforts with full dedication and passion, the result is always overwhelming and great and then one acts like a magnet to positive thoughts. Therefore, it is vital to add feelings of love, trust and happiness, while performing any task and the results will then augment positive thinking.

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So just try these simple techniques and turn the tables to show that failing to do something does not mean that one is incapable of doing so, it simple means that one has crossed the first level towards success.


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