How to Turn an Internship into a Full-Time Job

One of the dreams of any youngster is to grab a job as soon as you are out of the college. After graduation, to retain the commercial viability of the education one has been studying for the sake of national and self-interest is a prime goal of any youngster. We all are well acquainted with the importance of the internship for the career of any budding professional. In this vow, what must one be doing to turn an internship into a full-time job is a big question! So, if you are the one facing the same dilemma, cheer up, you are at the right place.


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Here are the ways in which you can turn an internship into the full-time job.

Set goals

Setting goals is like preparing a blueprint for self-evolution in the coming years. Not just the life but the career goals are equally important. While you are an intern with any of the firm, set your personal work goals which match the frequency of your professional goals in the same proportion. Once you set your goals, you will also be desperate to achieve them in the given deadline.


I have always emphasized the importance of networking. Networking is one master key that has the power to unlock the oldest of the locks. You must network with the right people in the right spirit at your workspace being an intern. These are the people like your boss, seniors, HR and people on higher posts in your firm. This will help you in obtaining a full-time long term job.

Show genuine interest in the job

No one hires the people who are lazy and pay little or no attention to the assigned tasks. If you are aiming to grab a full-time job, you must show genuine interest in your work as an intern. Learn as much as possible and volunteer for the jobs. This affects your boss as the people who show interest and volunteer for the jobs are liked and appreciated all over.


Respecting the time is never out of the fashion. The punctual employees are in high demand and grab higher increments from others. Be it any weather or any condition, make it a point that you are never late, both to the office and also at completing the assigned work. If you are dedicated to your job, reach office in time and present the zeal to work for hours, you have all the odds favoring you to turn your internship into a full-time job.

Win trust and stay honest

You may not be as good as others but make sure you refuse to cheat on others. Never ever copy the work of your colleagues and be honest. You must be working to earn the respect of your superiors and not just earn the stipend offered to every intern. This will make you the favorite among all and you know the perks you can be entitled to after that! *wink*


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