How to turn your Hobby into a Career?

It is often believed that the world is cruel and to sustain the same, we all need to work to make a living. When the general masses face this harsh reality, they go for the mainstream jobs. The idea lies behind is to calculate the pros and the cons, manage the profits fairly and to grab the highest paying options. In this rat race to make the most of the money, are we missing something?

Did you think of any such event you are missing as soon as I mentioned ‘something’? There you are! You may enjoy your job or may not be in the comfortable position but not always happy with it. The inner happiness lies in doing what you love and if doing what you love offers you long term monetary benefits and the job securities, you are already in the win-win situation. If you one is able to pursue his hobby as the career, stress, tension and strain will never be even seen around.

The passion of our young people and their ability to take the risks has given a whole new image to India. This new generation India, if called start-up India, do not be surprised. The intensity with which our young entrepreneurs are coming up with hobby based start-ups and career can be evaluated from the fact that the Indian government is looking forward to invest in this sector.
Let us have a glimpse at the factors that can prove beneficial to turn hobby into career.

Do not deviate

Initial failures are ought to happen and it is general human nature to back from the idea. The only think line that stays between one who fails and the ones who make it happen is staying there and facing the challenges. The winners chose to be confident in the days of storm and when they hit the mark, new success stories are made. Be strong, stand there and make sure you last.

Take feedback seriously

Your reputation is served by your brand and to build it, one need to improve self, everyday! How? Take feedback from the target groups and the experts of the field, respect the experience and value the points. You may end up doing the best in the interest of your firm and passion but for once, at least, make sure you give a chance to people to come up with the bad and the good. This will be a major elevator in your success.

Do have ‘me’ time

In the vow to be big, never forget your own self. No one scaled the heights with hectic working schedule every day. Make sure you take out your time and just talk to yourself maybe or go out alone. Sit alone for a while and make the most of it. Enjoy nature, meditate and cook for yourself or anything that helps.

Next time you are there thinking on taking a leap from hobby to career, you know what to do and what to resist! All the best!


  1. You may find a lot of people generally complaining about the workload and how much they hate their job. It is seen in reference of the courses people pursue in peer pressure and sideline their inbuilt talent. I feel if we are able to assure that all the students are provided with an infrastructure to polish their hobby from a commercial angle, we nay have a better set of the professional individuals.


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