How to Write a powerful Resume

Well, the world is all about having it in you to be the best at what you do, you need the skill, you need the talent, and yes, you need the personality as well. But all these things will be ineffective if your resume is not powerful enough. To create a powerful first impression on the employer, a good resume is of utmost importance. Your resume says a lot more about you than you think it does, so having that perfect resume in place is necessary.

How to write Resume

Let’s have a look at the points you need to keep in mind while writing your resume.

What exactly do you want – Your resume should be a mirror of your in-focus objective. It should be made around that objective, otherwise it may look really scattered and beating-around-the-bush kind of a resume. So, before you start making your resume, brainstorm over the objectives that need to be met.

Your resume defines you – Your resume is the first thing that the employer will have as your representation, it should create an impact and a good impression. You always need to start with your basic information, which can come as a header, it will contain- your name, your contact details, etc.

Start with your strengths – Start with what you are good at, what are your skills and the powerful aspect of your personality. Always use bullet points to say what you want. Bullet points are easier to read and one can go through them faster too. Nobody would spend more than 30-40 second trying to review your resume, so you may want to keep all the important and positive points at the top.

What’s your aim – If you are aiming at one particular job, then figure out the keywords that they used while giving out the opening. They would know that you have paid attention to the details and those may be the actual qualities that they might be looking for. This will help bring them on the same page as you.

Do not put in anything irrelevant – Only relevant stuff is required in your resume. Some small competition that you won in school is of no relevance if you have already worked for say 2 years. You will then have to highlight what you did while you were working and not what you did while you were still studying. Keeping the good points like, something won on a State or National-level might still be important.

Brag about what and who you know – If you worked with people having high authority in your last workplace, or if you worked on an important project, then now is the time to brag about it. List what all you did and under whose guidance. Do not forget bullet points.

Easy-to-read Resume – More than anything your resume should be easy to go through, imagine that the person might be reading your resume while on his way to work or while sipping tea, you don’t want to feed the employers with complex shit. So, keep it simple!

Get it reviewed – Get somebody else, preferably somebody who has good experience in dealing with resumes, to review yours. Take the feedback constructively and positively. Make necessary changes and you’re good to go.

Your resume is your ticket to that new fancy office, the last thing you want to do is spoil it. Also, the resume is only the first step, your personality and you should be able to back it up. Nothing that you write in that resume should be even remotely wrong and the rest you have already read about above. A perfect resume and a perfect you is all that your next employer is looking for, go take them by storm.


  1. Your resume is your reflection. It is basically an opportunity given to you to market yourself and have an impressive first impression. You must take care to be short and to the point in your resume. A fine English language and no grammatical errors will act as a bonus. Describe your aim and all the ‘authorities’ you have otherwise worked with. Lat and most important, one must get it reviewed.


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