How well do Indian politicians understand the youth?

No matter if we hate or love the politics, it has an impact on our day to day life. From independence to the present day, the politicians had a say in shaping the present and the future of the youth of this country, yet no big feet attained!

In this situation, the question arises, how well do Indian politicians understand the Indian youth?


Let us first understand the basic essence of the politics. Politics is the elementary science practiced to favor the people of the country; irrespective of their caste, color, creed, and gender and addressing each and every age group.
Returning to the question, are we even understood by the politicians of this nation? Partly, yes; wholly, no! The contradiction arises where we are known, yet unknown to our own leaders. When their speeches include the agendas of secularism, reservation and vote bank, youth feels demeaned to a whole new level.

What do the comments on the reservation and secularism try to prove? Are we a bunch of disables? Do we require upgradation from the government? Or do we lack talent? The answer is neither we are unable nor we are short of talent. A country of a billion with more than sixty percent of the youngsters in the house, we want to work. We want to lead this nation to a new height where we are respected and treated with equality on the global platform.

Are our politicians listening to us? We are not just their vote bank to them. Presently, statistics has not been that encouraging. But this does not mean that positive things did not happen. It is equally important for a writer to highlight them.

They say, ‘One man with courage is a majority’. When I quote this, the names of Sh Rajesh Pilot, former Prime Minister Sh Atal Bihari ji and some more are surfaced on my brain.

I will be making a big mistake if I fail to acknowledge the efforts of Prime Minister Modi in the face of skill India, Digital India, and several other government initiatives. The policies which focus on the holistic development of the youth and are not put up just to strengthen the vote bank.

An efficient team is required to execute the desired blueprint on the grounds. If one man is ready to take the burden, others must make sure their contribution at par! In this vow, a clear message to our politicians is; come, let us talk! Let us get acquainted with each other for a better India. Mr. Minister, we do not require your drinks a night before the polls, we are not looking for lump sum bribe from your black money. We are hurt at the way you run the country. Either take an initiative or go home! Get to know us and work in accordance or leave the seat. We will contest our own candidates in the elections and make the best man win. One, who is a politician in a true meaning and understands the elementary politics! Politics of youth, development and for the betterment of the country!

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  1. Indian politics have been a little rude and partial towards the youngsters. We are considered to be just the vote bank for our oh so leaders. However, the things are gradually seeing a transition but we can never be certain of the politicians and the fake masks they generally wear. Right from the independence to the day of today, several policies have not much been involving the youngsters or the professionals!


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