Importance of Football Schools and Academies

Over the course of the last year, much was expected of the Indian football team, after the success of the Indian super League and the coming World cup Qualifiers. However, as usual, the team flattered to deceive. Instead of rising in the football rankings and showing good performances, the team has once again faltered when push came to shove, losing to the likes of Guam and Oman.

Why is it that the Indian Football Team has had a bad showing on the international stage in the past few decades? The answer may lie in not having a proper grass root level training program, and a dearth of football academies which truly want to improve the players, and not just rake in money.


The football scene in India needs academies and schools at all levels of development if the national team ever hopes to compete against the best teams in the world.Here is how football schools could help in the development of the sport and the Indian players:

Initiate kids into the sport at a young age

This is one of the most crucial aspects in becoming a footballer, which is ably aided by football academies. Initiating young kids into football at a young age is favourable as they develop their game sense and start understanding the intricacies of football. Thus, as they grow and develop, so does their knowledge of the game, keeping them a step ahead of those who join the sport at a later age. It also helps keep them at the same standard of growth as their peers in other countries, making sure that they do not fall behind at any step of their footballing education.


Another essential aspect learnt by kids through the avenue of football schools is discipline. This is one of the most important factors in the development of a footballer, and one which can be the difference between a successful footballer playing at the top level, and one fading and falling away from the game. To play the sport at the highest level, the player’s body needs to be accustomed to the rigours of the game and have the endurance to keep performing at their best even when the games come in thick and fast. Thus, the player needs to be disciplined and follow a strict regime of exercises to develop the fortitude and stamina for the same, even if he or she would prefer a day of rest instead of working out.

Both mental and physical discipline are important, and thus football academies who excel at inculcating it into their wards are important for the development of the game in India.


An often understated part of developing into a top footballer is the crucial role that diet plays in the process. One of the failings of the Indian players has been that they haven’t been able to cope physically with their foreign counterparts. A lot of it can be changed by following a strict diet for developing the body. Enforced over years, the changes are noticeable.

Football schools and academies are essential in developing these aspects of the sport, and are necessary for the growth of the sport in India, especially at the grass roots level.

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  1. India is a country that has the schools for almost everything and anything. Academics, dance, drama, acting, theatre, cricket and many more. But then why are we lacking in the number of the football schools? If we aim to beat the world’s best in the race of being the best and defeat the mighty stars of this game, we need to start young. A place where the child can learn and play at the same time will help in this mission to achieve the goal.


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