Importance of Good Self-Esteem in Young Women

What do you think is the first thing that people notice in you? Is it your killer eyes? Or your beautiful bod? Or probably your never ending legs? Actually, it’s none of these, it is the way you carry yourself, the air that you have about yourself and how comfortable you are while being, well, you! Women are the best example of God’s creativity, they are beautiful, tender, perfect yet strong, bold and confident. Now, that’s certainly a deadly combination, a full package!

Self-Esteem in Young women

Young women often forget the golden rule, “When you have it, you flaunt it !” Basically everything you have in your head, reflects on your face and hence, your evaluation of self worth in your mind will determine the way you carry yourself. It is a huge part of one’s persona and thus, it cannot be overlooked; feeling fat or ugly is only a state of mind, but this shit is real!

Such a hipster!

When you dress to go a party, do you honestly think people care about that dress you are wearing? Well, if it is a boob showing dress, then maybe, but otherwise all they care about is the ease with which you flow. The way you interact, the way you smile and the twinkle you have in your eyes when you talk about life.

Sweep men off their feet

Men die to be with confident women who hold their self-esteem higher than any other crap in the world. It takes men exactly one meeting to figure out what kind of a chick you are, and if you are the insecure, the-world-is-too-scary kind of a woman, then you can pack your bags and go back to the land of Virgin-ia, because baby you’re definitely not getting any action here!

Talk your way into that new job

With that oh-so-gorgeous smile and an attitude that could kill people, you are set to take on the world. Offices are always looking for confident young women who could handle accounts and people well. Talk well, smile, show that you know what you are and your job is done. Everybody would want you to work for them.

Life is like an ice cream, eat it before it melts

A high self-esteem helps you swoop through life like it’s a piece of cake. A confident woman is like a magnet, things come to her. Friends, men, great career opportunities and the strength to go through life. A high self-esteem is way more important than clothes, makeup or even your shoes, so don’t let anything waver your confidence.

Win the race

We know being a perfect woman can be quite exhausting, at this point when you’re low, and not your best self, your self-esteem keeps you covered. People will never mess with a no-nonsense woman. They respect you through your highs and lows and will give you several chances of surfacing from rock bottom; because, dude, they are intimidated by your awesome-ness.

More than anything women should realize that it is way more important to think right than to dress right. Your looks, your fat, your hair, everything will go, but your confidence, your thoughts and your personality will be by your side till the very end. Let the world see how beautiful and gorgeous you are inside and figure out how dangerous you can be on the outside. Every woman is a star in her own way, some extremely hot and others extremely bright. Acknowledge the best in you and make it unbeatable!


  1. Women account for the half of the population in India. Their well-being is directly related to the well-being of the nation. Their progress is directly linked with the confidence and the amount of self-esteem they carry. With the uprisal of our women in all the sectors, it is further important for our young ladies to be confident. It settles the air around them and the vibes are also circulated to the people they interact with.


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