Importance of library in school education

Libraries are important to schools and the people therein in ways more than one. They help in filling the gap between education and knowledge which nothing else can, not even computers. Books help the reader get a different view of the world without taking him/her away from the real world. A person who reads is usually wiser and has a deeper sense of understanding in comparison to those who don’t and thus, if there are libraries in school, our kids will learn so much by learning the art of reading at an early age.


Catalyst in education – Books can take people places while they sit in the same place for hours. Thus, libraries act as a catalyst in education, bringing the world to the kids while they sit in classrooms or at home. Libraries have successfully bridged the gap between what the kids ought to know and what they’re taught in schools. The teachers and our education system are highly dependent on books to give the kids the wisdom that will help them get by life. Teaching them life lessons, giving them real advice and teaching them a lesson is all courtesy books.

Literacy – We often limit this term to the ability of reading and writing, but it is something way beyond that. It means the access, the exposure and the readily available resources our kids have today. Books being the number one source of knowledge, are often the key to literacy. It is even said that a man is what he reads and thus, having a library in the school helps us mold the kids in a much better way. Books and hence, libraries keep the kids grounded, well-read, knowledgeable and eager to learn more.

Helpful for the teachers – Teachers, at the end of the day are human beings and it is almost impossible for a human being to know everything. This is where libraries help them. A library is an exhaustive collection of books which help the children and the adults to add to their knowledge and being a teacher, when you face questions that you never even thought about, this is one place you could rush to.

Alternate careers – Books introduce the kids to alternate careers that they can choose in their lives. One of the careers can very easily be writing. It is said that the more a person reads, the better he can write. By opening the world of books to the kids, we are opening a world of opportunities to them. We are helping them become more sensible and make the right life choices. A book can be their best friend, advisor, confidant and a lot more.

Opens the world for the kids – Voracious readers are responsible people, alert citizens, compassionate beings and add to the world in the most effective way. Books have had a history of reforming people. Thus, the best solution to all the problems that our country is facing today could be books. By altering the way a person thinks, they give the world individuals who deal with problems in the most sensible way. Libraries sow the seed which will grow in the children as they grow up and will help our country become much more self sufficient and problem free.

Our kids are the future that we all are readily investing in, libraries just assure that this future is brighter than ever and is sensible and well read. Libraries should ideally be compulsory in schools because that is where most of the kids’ personality starts shaping up and by giving our kids an open access to books, we are doing them a world of good. Books will help them in making the country and their own lives much more valuable and focused.

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  1. The libraries are catering to the students worldwide since ages. As we are well acquainted with the importance of the books, we must think on the ways of adaptation as well. The point is to introduce the computers and internet providing e-libraries as well! This will ultimately add to the experience of learning.


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