Importance of Reading the Newspaper Daily

“A newspaper is not just for reporting the news as it is, but to make people mad enough to do something about it.” ― Mark Twain.

In the digital age when news travels from one corner of the world faster than the speed of light, most would say that the newspaper has become obsolete. And yet, though the digital revolution has been continuously gaining traction, the newspaper shows no sign of disappearing as a relic of the past. Instead, somehow, it has found a way to co-exist with the many other avenues of media and yet regain its power and charm. Even today, the newspaper remains a tour de force.


So here are some reasons why reading a newspaper – and following the news – remains an important part of life, one which should not be neglected, lest you fall behind the times.

World Affairs

It is important to broaden the scope of your horizons beyond your personal affairs and know what is going on in the world, after all, with changes happening faster than ever before and events of great magnitude affecting the world constantly, it has become important to stay in touch with world affairs and keep yourself updated with the latest in news. From the crisis in the Middle East, to the massive exodus of the refugees, to the changing markets and ever-changing nature of business, it is important to stay in touch with the world so that you can have a say in what is happening.

Make your own opinions

India is the world’s largest democracy. It is a government ‘of the people, by the people, and for the people’. In such a case, its citizens need to be aware of the policies the government is implementing, its plans and programs as well as its stance on matters that will affect the people and the world. Being informed and knowing what is going on in the world is a good way to get going, especially in an age where everyone has their own agenda. But remember to read between the lines and not buy into propaganda. Make your own opinions with a clear mind as you read the news.

A Good Way to Ask Questions

Though almost every news outlet today puts their own spin on stories, it is still important to know what is happening in the world and what our elected leaders are doing. These newspapers are also a good way to ask questions to those in power to keep them on their toes. It is our duty as citizens to ask the right questions and to make sure that they are answered. Newspapers can carry our doubts and our thoughts and project them to a wide audience.

Enhances Vocabulary & Language

Reading everyday will improve the vocabulary as well as your grasp over the language. Not only that, it will also improve your powers of reasoning and analysis as you read the different spin every media house puts on the stories, making you adept at reading between the lines and forming logical conclusions.


Newspapers played an important role in the Indian Freedom Struggle. They helped spread the word about unity and togetherness as the nation came together as a whole for the first time. Since then, the press has had freedom to report news honestly – not that it has always followed it ethically – but it carries a great lesson about the true power of the press. Thus, these newspapers have the power to fan a revolution if and when it is needed, and should be treated with the importance that they deserve.

Remember, in an age where information and knowledge is king, staying informed is important, and reading papers is a good way to go about with it. On that note, happy reading folks!

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