Importance of Rehabilitation for a Disabled Child

It is must to understand the fact that a disabled child faces many of the hurdles and struggles to pursue his/her basic tasks that could have been very easy for an able person. Disability itself follows a hindrance or a limitation. To recognize and to acknowledge a child with disabilities is a very painful thing for the parents and the family, the whole world gets shattered in a moment when the parents get to know that their child has been born with certain disability and would not be able to lead the life as a normal person. And then begins a grieving process of mourning, regretting and agony in the family, it is indeed extremely tough for the parents as well as for the family to actually accept the fact that; they have a disabled person among them.

Life completely changes at their end and suddenly the innocent child who is actually suffering from disabilities becomes a matter of immediate attention. Obviously the disabled child has numerous of physical needs, his/her basic tasks might involve certain complexities and this scares the parents and the other family members the most. But they are parents and they cannot leave their child in such a static situation thus they somehow decide to take the responsibilities on their own, they choose to sacrifice their lives for the sake of wellbeing of the disabled child. However, parents are ready to do everything that facilitates best care to their disabled child but most of the Indian parents tend to ignore one fundamental and very important thing that plays a significant role in the development of that child with disabilities.
Besides, giving medications, (although medicines are just supplementary in few of the disabilities otherwise disabilities like blindness, mental retardation do not really need any medication after a certain point of time) and taking personal care at home, the another important aspect is the Rehabilitation Process that is usually being ignored most of the times. Parents do not understand the vitality of Rehabilitation process for a better growth of their disabled child and continue to believe that their personal care is sufficed. But in reality rehabilitation is a process that can miraculously change the focus and can direct the life of the disabled child in a prolific way.

Following are the usefulness of the Rehabilitation Process:

  1. Brings Self-sufficiency: It helps the children with disabilities to regain the confidence and independence in order to become self-reliant.
  2. Helps in Managing: It helps the children with disabilities as well as the family in managing the after effects of disabilities. It involves various activities that focus upon raising the efficiency of the disabled child while doing the things on his/her own.
  3. Directs for better handling: Prepares the family and the parents for a better and efficient handling and care taking of the children with disabilities. Rehabilitation professionals provide counselling and suggestions to the parents and the family.
  4. Increases Awareness: it makes the parents as well as the other family members aware about the extent and every significant factor related to the disability of the child.
  5. Gives support of the Community: community based rehabilitation is also a form of rehabilitation process that involves the community for providing support and motivation to the disabled children. This involves the efforts of different NGOs, organizations, citywide organizations that are working for the welfare of the children with disabilities.
Therefore, rehabilitation process is a needful process that provides, assitance and guidance to the parents and to all other family members. In fact, rehabilitation process can be very learning for the siblings as well.


  1. Disability is not an invited guest. It is something that has been decided by nature and can strike anyone. Being the able citizens, it is one of our prime responsibilities to rehabilitate the ones with the disability. It is something that must be uptaken voluntarily and has to be kept away from the politics and the commercial angle. We all must combine to assure and help the differently abled reach the right place. This will help them in self-sustaining but will bring out the best in them!


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