Importance of Yoga for Students

As discussed in the earlier posts, we clearly figured that yoga helps a person to keep a calm mind and a strong and fit body. Yoga can be of great help for students because it will help them in living stress free, making decisions, fighting peer pressure, concentrating on the right things, and building a great personality where they respect other fellow beings and are compassionate.

Importance of Yoga for Girls

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Student life is a very crucial period of one’s life, these years can make or break a person. There is always so much to do and so many distractions at the same time, especially in a world like today’s where Facebook and gaming takes up more time than anything else. Here are a few ways in which Yoga can help a student-

To calm the mind and improve focus

Students are usually distracted by various things which may seem more important than studies and career, their minds wander while they sit to study and everything else seems way more exciting than the book open right in front of them. Yoga will help the students in focusing on the more important things. Yoga will also calm their mind and make it less wandering, and this will help them in concentrating on what is important.


Yoga is the best de-stress exercise, through breathing and meditation a person can overcome stress of any kind. Students who go to schools and colleges are stressed mostly because of running around, lack of proper eating, and pressure that mounts due to the age group. Yoga will make them stronger and help in de-stressing. Also, it becomes really difficult to perform under stress so one can also see a considerable change in their performance after they start doing yoga.

Body image

Students are very conscious of how they look, and how comfortable they are in moving around. Yoga will not only just tone their muscles and make them fit but will also make them more confident about themselves. A person who does yoga starts respecting his/her body and feels connected to oneself. The confidence will show in their body language and this will also change how others treat them, for one who treats him/herself with respect is treated with respect by others too.

Makes the brain sharper

One starts concentrating on things after doing yoga, and because of improved concentration your mind absorbs more. Shunning out of unimportant things is also equally important. Yoga through its various exercises helps the person in becoming smarter, sharper, confident and stronger.

Personality Development

Yoga will help the student realize that he/she is very much a part of nature. They will feel more connected to the world and themselves. They will understand the meaning of breathing and respect life as a whole. Other than this yoga imbibes great and pure thoughts in a person’s mind, he/she starts respecting fellow beings and also becomes compassionate. They also have a calm and rational mind. The overall persona of a person changes because with a perfect body, they get a clean soul and a calm mind.

Practicing yoga at least once a day will only help the students in becoming better human beings. They will also start performing well academically and otherwise. Yoga teaches the students the art which can be used to master any other sport like tenacity, perseverance, focus, concentration and respect for fellow beings. Yoga can make a student and all rounder in almost no time and this change in the personality can never go unnoticed so the child will feel more confident. The overall opinion of the world about the child and the child’s about him/herself will become better. Thus, yoga is a boon which benefits a student in his early life and will continue doing the same for a long time.


  1. Indian ideologies have the enough power to guide the entire world and lead from the front. One such indigenous practice is yoga. In the technical age, it is more than necessary for us to introduce our young people to the yoga than ever before. It will help them to enhance the concentration and combat the hormonal disbalance as well. Apart from this, they will be the owners of the young and healthy body for a longer period of time. Remember, “yoga se hi hoga!”


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