Importance of youth voters to help meet the future challenges

‘Young India voted majority for first time in 30 years’, read the headlines of a national daily on 17th of May 2014 after the BJP had enough numbers to be in the power. This newspaper headline is enough to infer the power of the young India, as the voters, to influence the future of this nation. Being the largest democracy and the youngest nation in the world, this power in disguise can be exploited to meet the future challenges lined up ahead for us.


Let us analyze step by step on different points and find out the importance of the poll voters to counter the upcoming challenges on the wide road of progress and development for India.

Economic reforms

By now, we are very much clear that previous governments did little good to the nation. To refill the dumps and build strong foundation on them, current government will have to introduce certain economic reforms. Why do we need the voters’ support for this? Democracy! Democracy is a game of numbers and in both the upper and the lower house; we need numbers to support the reforms. Will you afford to axe your own foot?

Global image

Any investor will turn to any country if and only if the nation enjoys a reputed international image. To win over this give and take relationship, efficient dealing hand is needed. To guarantee a fair and positive global image, a strong, fit and fine government is needed in the power. For example, in some 2 years tenure of BJP government, Indians are recognised worldwide and investors are gladly heading to the country.

Holistic development

‘If development hits an area, it brings joy to each and every household!’ The quote mentioned here indicates the accurate distribution of the resources and transparent governance. The idea is very much clear, if we need the prosperity to hit entire nation as a whole, we need to celebrate the festival of democracy with great enthusiasm by voting. To reach the last person of the society is a big challenge and can be curbed by back of the young voters only.

For the young , by the young

The phrase says it all! The nation needs young people to come up and take the initiatives. If we are to lead tomorrow, we need to start the amends from today. The importance of the young here is that we can make our lives easier tomorrow if we elect the right today. It is in our hands to decide if we are to set an example in front of our progeny or simply make the ample mistakes made by our fore-leaders?

Lately, Indian prime minister addressed the British parliament and made a beautiful comment there. “It is a wise decision to be in India during this time”. The fact is quite evident that nation is in the right car with the best driver we can ever have but at the same time, this statement lends a lot of responsibilities on our shoulders. That is the responsibility of being a responsible voter to step out and vote. Vote for the nation and to meet the future challenges!

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  1. The globalization of the economies worldwide and changing the banking strategies have made it mandatory for any country to have serious and considerable finance policies. A holistic development which has the ability to help everyone on the list follows! For this, young India has to step out and vote in numbers. It is also further necessary to send the right people to the parliament. This will strengthen the nation on the internal as well as the external platforms.


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