The importance of sports in harnessing the power of the youth

Sport, as we know, is an integral part of our lives. Somehow or the other, we all are connected to sports; be it watching it on the Television, reading about it in the newspapers or taking part in it. Sportsmen are idolized, some are even worshipped.  Sports have a tremendous ability to lead the path in nation building, be it directly or indirectly. It’s a known fact that the contribution of a nation’s youth towards its trajectory to greatness cannot be replaced with any other force.  For a nation to be empowered, its youth must be the empowered. India has the world’s largest youth population today, which indicates the potential that’s caged inside India, a potential that’s waiting to be unleashed. Sport can definitely unleash that potential; it can harness the power of youth which can lead an entire nation to greatness.


Let us contemplate about how sports can effectively help the youth- the future of this country.

A sound body is home to a sound mind

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Taking part in sports not only keeps your body fit, but also gives you a sound and an alert mind. A fit and sound body is home to a bright mind. We sure want our Jacks, the leaders of tomorrow, to be bright and not dull.

Sports give you important life lessons

Team sports can teach you a lot about the essence of unity, teamwork, hard work and leadership which one can utilize in the later stages of their life. Sports can also teach you about determination and will power, about never giving up despite the most adverse of circumstances. One such incident was the famous Champions league final between Liverpool and AC Milan in 2005, where Liverpool were trailing 3-0 at half-time.  Down and out, the whole world had called it a day but a man called Steven Gerrard, their captain, refused to succumb to adversities. He held his team by the scruff of the neck and pulled off something astonishing that will reverberate through generations. Liverpool scored 3 goals in the second half and took the game into extra time and then into penalties. Liverpool won the game 3-2 on penalties. A quintessential display of exemplary leadership and a never say die attitude that has inspired many, and will continue to do so.

Sports can teach you about discipline

There’s one thing that is common among most successful individuals- Discipline. Without discipline in life, you cannot achieve the things which you aim, no matter how talented you are. It’s continues practice that helps a man to evolve and break the shackles of stagnancy, for stagnancy is fatal. Sports can instill that much needed discipline and the urgency to succeed in an individual.

Sports can teach you about self-evaluation

Sports do not build character; they reveal it.”  – John Wooden

The late American basketball coach, nicknamed the “Wizard of Westwood” is one of the most revered coaches in the history of sports. Wooden was renowned for his inspirational messages to his players. His quotes have stood the test of time and continue to echo among us even today.

Like Wooden said, sports reveal ones character, which helps a person to evaluate their shortcomings and accordingly work upon them.

All humans make mistakes, but only the great ones overcome them.

A country needs able youth for making progress. The youth must make sure they are able enough to carry the burden of a nation on their shoulders.


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