Important Tips for the Modern Working Woman to keep her child Safe At Home

Children are a source of joy to their parents. But for the modern working women, leaving their child behind and going to work, can be quite stressful. Given the present day conditions, abduction, molestation, abuse and exploitation are mushrooming everywhere. It is natural for working moms to feel fear and anxiety in trying to protect their children, while they are at work. Most of the times, it is lack of proper knowledge and late action that lands them in a mess. These days the gender of the child holds less importance where crime is concerned.

In the modern era, working mom has come under scrutiny, so much so that her efforts to run a home and take care of her family are being ridiculed. No matter how much she does, it just does not seem to be enough. Laden with guilt, may times, she loses her job or quits, just to show her worth as a home maker. Dejected from life, sad on sacrificing her career, she lives a life devoid of happiness.


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So, how can working mothers take safety precautions to keep their children safe while they are at work? When proper care is taken to the best of one’s ability, working moms can leave for work with peace in their hearts and a smile on their lips.

Safety Measures to be taken by Working Mothers

  1. After School Rules: Care should be taken by the kids to board the school bus/any other scheduled transport on time so that they reach home safely. If your children walk to your home, teach them which road to take and not to accept lifts from anyone. Once home, instruct the children to lock the door properly and not open it to anyone until and unless there is an emergency. Make it a rule for the kids to message you as soon as they reach home.
  2. Keep the Home safe: It is important to inspect your home for any electrical problems, gas leakage and the like. In case the kids spot a problem, ask them to inform a trusted neighbour immediately. The important numbers to be called during an emergency should always be with them. Keep a first aid kit at home for minor issues. In case the kids need to warm the food or cook simple snacks, they should be well versed with operating the gas stove or other electrical appliances.
  3. Sharing Information: Young children get excited and end up revealing their contact details as well as their present situation. They should be taught to withhold information from strangers and random acquaintances. When answering telephone calls, they should be taught not to reveal things such as them being alone at home at present or parents being out of station. A caller Id comes in handy during such times. If possible install an answering machine. If you can afford it, it is good to set up Security cameras all around the house and also outside the main door, so that you know what’s happening while you are away from home.
  4. Internet Rules: The internet can be a deep dark murky world for children. It is mandatory to set up browsing hours and on specific sites only. Teach the kids to avoid sharing personal details online as it could be used against them. Chatting should be under surveillance as far as possible. Meeting people they have encountered online can prove to be risky. Your child has to respect the boundaries you have set for him.
  5. Play time: Most kids especially boy’s love outdoor sports. You have to decide who he plays with, at what time and for how long. Indoor games must be avoided in your absence, as your child’s friends may misuse the premises.
  6. Keep dangerous items under lock and key: Things such as liquor, strong medicines, cigarettes, house cleaning supplies, chemicals and the like should be kept locked so that kids don’t use them out of curiosity. This could prove dangerous and life threatening as well.
  7. Teach them about good and bad touch: In case they have been left at home with relatives, the kids must be taught to distinguish between the good and bad touch. In case of any unusual acts, the children must be instructed to alert you. More importantly, your children must be taught the basic skills of using tact and presence of mind to deal with unusual situations as sometimes immediate actions might be required.

The above are some important precautions to be taken by working mothers to keep their kids safe while they are away at work. Children are smart learners and can be taught to defend themselves. So working moms; do your bits to bring the smile back on your lips!





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