Should India ban Pakistani Artists, Celebrities and cricketers till differences are resolved?

First of all, let’s be honest…Pakistan has been engaged in a covert war with India since the day it started exporting cross-border terrorism inside the Indian territory. And India’s response so far to this covert war has been strategic restraint thanks to political indecision and paralytic inaction. In fact, such is India’s penchant for ‘playing it safe’ that we did not even cross the Line of Control during the 1999 Kargil War, when India literally was “at war” with Pakistan. [Note to all those who are bemoaning India’s offensive approach: You and your loved ones have probably not been touched by terrorism…and hopefully, with strong military and political will, you will live your blissful cocooned life…for all eternity.]

Pakistan Actors and Artists working in India

Hence, Modi’s stance deserves to be applauded for he not only had the political will but had the conviction to back his tall promises by swift and strategic military action. Thus, even as Pakistan was facing the heat from all diplomatic quarters, the Indian paratroopers destroyed several terrorist launchpads across the Line of Control, heralding a new era of ‘Zero Tolerance’.

Of course, in case you’re wondering why I am talking about India’s swift and strategic strike across the Line of Control when I should be talking about celebrities and cricketers…let me explain…

You see, India’s tactical approach post the Uri attack has been both efficient and effective. It now needs to be “economic”. Thus, if we wish to isolate Pakistan, it is not enough to just destroy some terrorist basecamps or launchpads…it is not enough to pull out of the SAARC summit…it is not enough to make big speeches and tall claims! We need to hurt where it actually hurts…“Economic Losses”. Hence, as a nation, we need to take a unified stand against allowing Pakistani celebrities to come to India seeking a profitable career. Or for Pakistani cricketers to profit from India. For one simple reason: ‘You need money to fight a war…even a proxy one! Thus, we need to hurt Pakistan economically…’

Of course, as we all know…a nation is not made up of bricks or buildings…it is made of its people! If we stop Pakistani celebrities and cricketers (amongst others) from profiteering, we would be able to deliver a strategic economic blow. And to all those who believe why should the Pakistani people pay the price for their politician’s actions…remember this, it is the people themselves who make the political class. If they were to collectively exert pressure, the political class would have no choice but to bow to public pressure. Alas…the people themselves view India as an enemy nation and are forever wishing for its total annihilation. [Don’t believe me, watch Fawad Khan’s Dastaan!]

Hence, we need to send a strong message: You cannot terrorise us and expect that there will be no repercussions…whether political or economic! For every terrorist blow you deliver, we will deliver an economic blow…till the time you decide to put an end to this proxy war of terrorism and allow peace to return to the valley!


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