India ki Awaaz: How the Youth Can Make Us A Corruption-Free Nation

With the recent government act of demonetization, news has been spreading that the terror camps which work against our nation and people have been greatly affected and are suffering. If true, this is a masterstroke. Of course, it would have been a greater masterstroke had the scheme affected everyone equally – and by everyone, I mean the true elites of the country, who have more black money than the rest of us combined, but were barely affected – for whatever reason. And yet, this is a move which should be hailed as a good one, albeit maybe not the most well-thought out one, with the ATM and Bank lines still not dwindling, though we’re already some days past the announcement. But kudos where it is due.

Youth Ko Awaaz


However, this does not mean that corruption has died in the country. No, this is just the start. The true way to rid India of corruption begins at home, and in the hands of the youth, who will be the trailblazers of the future.

How? Well, there’s many ways in which this can be done.

We should have a personal moral code which we follow stringently. A code of ethics which we are unwilling to break. We should be our biggest critics and hold ourselves to the highest standards. After all, if we only complain about problems but do not contribute in any meaningful way, or if we add to the problems, then we are mere hypocrites.

But not only must we have a moral code, we must also speak out against atrocities. It is our duty to give a voice to the voiceless and stand hand in hand with our fellow countrymen – and our fellow humans. Remember, we are only as strong as we are united. If only we as a human race could have learnt the value of unity, we would have progressed much further in the past decade than we already have.

But I digress, the war against corruption begins at home. It is not only upon our governments to wage the battle, but upon us as well, as citizens, to do our bit. Next time we should think twice before breaking a traffic rule, or before trying to bribe someone for our work. Of course, these officers and the like should also be refusing bribes and become more diligent in their work – here, the government can help them by offering them good salaries and perks which keep them away from bribes, while taking stringent action against those who do end up taking bribes, in whichever government sector.

Educate the masses about the negative effects of the cancer that is corruption – there are many negatives, and see the change. Education is the greatest equalizer.

We need to let go of selfishness and think of the larger picture. At times, a hint of jealousy and envy enters our hearts, thus are the dark, dank seeds of wrongness planted in our hearts.

A strong moral fibre and personal set of ethics and morals is necessary to fight this battle against Corruption, and it is our duty to do this, so that we can herald in a brighter future.


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