Indian ethics and their relevance in present day world

As I sat down to write over this topic, the first thing that hit my mind was a famous quote which came from one of the greatest men of all times, Swami Vivekananda. Once he said, ‘Return to the Vedas’

These words carried a great meaning. His appeal to the youth of the entire world to turn to the Vedas was not just for the sake of reading but to read about the Indian ethics. How the world evolved? How did we, the Indians, lead entire world? What was the ideology followed by our ancestors, the saints and every person who established this vast nation? What are those believes and the ethics?

Swami Vivekananda’s vision was far-sighted. The man with immense wisdom sensed the relevance of core values and beliefs. What are these Indian ethics? Do they carry equal relevance in the present day world? Take a look:


Respect for elders

You are what you are because of your elders! To respect them is to pay back a little of what they have been doing for you over the years. Our scriptures have always regarded our elders even prime to the god. If we see in present day, the ethic carries equal relevance. Touching their feet, greeting them with respect actually pave a way for your own progress.

Love for the nature

Be it plants or the animals, living or non living element of the Mother Nature; Indians have always been the preservers. We believe that human existence and nature shares a bilateral relationship.

We are in the 21st century and rely upon technology a lot. Even in this technical age, no one can ever ignore the benefits served by nature to human being. The relevance stands equally tall in current era as well!

Progressive Thinking

History speaks for itself and no progress agenda was ever complete without the involvement of India in it. It is from this point when the tag of ‘Jagat guru’ was entitled to our nation as a whole.

To march ahead in life, even in present day, progress is required. This mentality to adapt, change for the betterment of humanity carries equal importance in present day as it was hundreds of years ago.

Positive Attitude

No matter how bad were the conditions, Indian ethics always teach to learn from it. This positive attitude set a tremendous example in front of the entire world. Be it the war, epidemic or anything which could have done the damage to humanity, we were still learning.

Who and why will rule out the possibilities of maintaining a positive attitude through the highs and the lows? Even in today’s world, positive attitude will make or mar the man’s career.

Catch them young

The concept of Gurukuls is known to all of us. Students staying at the place of their teacher irrespective of the caste or creed were a common sight to watch. The idea was to catch the potential citizens when they are young. This will help in molding a better set of people for any kingdom.

If we develop a link between ancient and present age, the relevance can be well generated. Catching them young will be of great help. It will help us to produce capable and responsible citizens who will serve the country.


  1. “Return to Vedas” have been one of the revolutionary statements ever made in the Indian context. In today’s world, our ethics are respected worldwide and people are accepting it without any fail. International Yoga Day is one such example that the world is accepting Indian dominance. However, it is mandatory for us to practice the same and pass on the legacy successfully to the younger generation. They are the face of future of India and the ethics must be transferred fine!


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