What Indian men don’t understand about Indian women

It wasn’t long when the eminent scientist, Stephen Hawking, confessed during an interview that despite holding a doctorate degree in Physics and having unraveled some of the secrets of universe what baffled him the most is the mysterious nature of women.

Pitifully, women have been compared to subjects and books and what not as history records. Understanding women have been particularly perceived difficult for everyone across the globe, let alone India, on a rather non-serious note, I have my own dilemmas catching up with my own specie occasionally yet without sounding biased or defensive I dare say we women are not chemistry or maths but simply human beings who seek to be attended to sometimes. That’s not too hard as long as you’re not having some hypothetical presumptions on us, like some Indian men defer to complaint. I’m not anti-men but I shall simply like to point out some of the basic things that go amiss when you’re dealing with Indian women.

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Indian women aren’t obsessed with chivalry but respect

Okay, yes we like to be mollycoddled as you pull out chairs or open doors for us but we are also aware how chivalry is nearly gone. Except some, we’re not too whinnying about it or think about crusading on this issue. All we expect is a little respect towards our estimations, principles and private space. It doesn’t cost much to attend to or listen to us when we ask you to; listening is the highest form of reverence one could offer. Indian men need to understand that women do not demand respect but simply like to earn the same; and all in return for equal respect but not just for the sake of their gender.

The reality behind ‘I am fine’ –

This is a tricky situation at times, some of us completely agree but as some prefer to subject women favoring ‘I’m fine’ instead of conveying their direct feelings as histrionic, it actually isn’t. Not all women grow up to be straight-faced and might have problems in sharing their feelings at one go but that doesn’t mean she is playing with your time. To be honest, there are men too who have similar issues. Mostly people exhaust this phrase when they assume the other person might not be able to help anyway. In that case there’s no harm in showing the empathetic side of yours and it’s no big deal if you really care.

Why our obsession with details –

An honest answer for this – half knowledge is dangerous. This is a quality which must be appreciated unless and until the obsession for details doesn’t include intruding in someone else’s life. This applies to all irrespective of gender. The more you are curious about something and get into the details of it, you only help yourself. On a funny-note, would it be okay to assume that women make good detectives?

Not all Indian women are pseudo-feminists –

Asking men to get up from women reserved seats in bus or metros isn’t feminism. Competing with men isn’t feminism. Demanding respect simply based on gender isn’t feminism. And definitely not all women believe in such kind of feminism. I’m not here to teach about women’s rights but the problem with Indian population is they judge too quickly. No, not every woman is uneducated and before bashing females one must understand what’s going on. There are women who still fight for real causes and they must be invigorated instead of being condemned because real feminism is not merely restricted to women but is present in men too.

Supposing my less expertise on the psychology of men, I confirm this doesn’t apply to every male but this is an explanation towards the hypothetical presumptions of the average Indian male population who might find women more believable after reading this. The motto is not to sell you on everything but let’s say the approach becomes easier once you try to view things from this side of the river bank of life.


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