What are Sports?

The human body is being structured in such a way that it regularly needs its management and needs to be involved in physical activities so that it’s; elasticity, flexibility and stamina could be maintained. But here by the term physical activities we do not mean by the basic activities such as  slightly moving, roaming around and slow walking but we rather talking about the proper physical activities which involve certain postures, important moves, games and some props that all are followed together in order to keep the body fit, flexible, active and healthy. Such activities can be understood as namely; Sports, sports are very essential for every human being because they increase the physical potency, activeness and help in maintaining a good mechanism of the body since a lot of calories are burnt during playing any sports and they also help the body to be always in a good shape and figure.

 Sports and the Youth

In India we have many sports, and many of the famous sports persons who have acclaimed a lot of appreciation, laureates and fame for the country. In the different regions and states of our country there are different sports being played there is Cricket, Hockey, Badminton, Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis, Swimming, Racing, High Jumping, Football, Cycling, Kabbadi, Boxing, Wrestling and many other significant sports being prevalent as well as famous in India. But still a major part of the people remains nonparticipating in our Indian sports. Most of the people here tend to think that sports are only meant for the sportsmen who love to play and who have to formally participate in the sports tournaments and competitions. This belief is much more disappointing in the case of the youngsters, in the present time the young generation of our country seems to have a very less interest in physical activities or sports and rather take more interest in non-physical activities like playing with their gadgets. However, still the young boys are found to be involved in some of the sports but girls, hardly show interest in the same until unless they are being thoroughly pushed and encouraged. And that is why in Indian sports we have only a few known faces of the sports-women whom sometimes we even miss to acknowledge.

 Need to bring change in perception towards Sports

Indian sports have a lot of scope of improvement, there are many infrastructural, maintenance, and organizational issues which not only bother the internal system but also affect the performance of the sports people. There is a lack of facilities and better opportunities for the participants, there is a lack of awareness and high spirit among the people to participate in sports in any manner especially when we talk about the common people, how many of us really involved in sports? We all just stick to our regular routines and none of us show any interest in including extra physical activities in our lifestyles. If this is the case with the adults then what can we say about the youngster who at every point of time need motivation and guidance?

Sports should become a common and a basic part of the people’s lives then only they would realize its importance and value and for that; sports should be included at every level of the life. Whether it is school, college and even offices sports should become not only as a means of physical activities but also be developed as a recreational activity. The vitality of sports should not only be limited to the participation in state/national/international games but it should become so fundamental that every person young or adult gets engrossed in different sports. No matter what sports they like (cycling, football, swimming, or etc.,) what is deliberately required to understand the benefits of playing sports and to enthusiastically participate in it.  Small and young children should be motivated to play any of the sports of their choice since their early age, sports instructors should encourage the students at schools and college level to participate in at least one sport, in fact they should not be choosy about the students rather they should find out the special feature of the students and then direct them in a suitable sport.

Participation of the young generation in sports will increase only when our lazy mentality and perception would be modified. And it is not so tough in fact, the young parents can become a vital role player in this when they will themselves realize the importance of sports in life then they will surely encourage their small kids to play sports since the childhood. We never know that when children start enjoying and adoring that sport and might wish to become a great sportsman.




  1. One of the topics that need the public as well as administrative attention is the sports culture in the country. Somehow, sports for us have concentrated around cricket and partly, a few of the most played sports. It is not just the commercialization but the perception as well that has to be monitored in an efficient manner. If we are able to mobilise our young people to play sports and ensure that whichever game they pick up, they have a security, I am sure the nation will see better performances at Olympics, Asian Games and many other world championships of sports other than just cricket.


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