Indian youth going crazy after dating apps

Lately we have seen that India is being swept by a new trend where the youngsters are preferring to find their partners on the internet. The dating applications have helped the youngsters to look for somebody who would probably gel with them better and there are lesser chances of fiascos. The dating apps are turning out to be a new rage amongst the youngsters as they cater to everybody’s individual needs. Here may be a few reasons why the latest dating apps are so popular among the youth-

The virtual image – To begin with, one doesn’t have to be himself or herself in the first go, they can always put up a façade and see what the other person seems to be like and then come out clean. This is basically a sort of defense mechanism which the youth exercises in order to ensure minimum damage. Once they know whether the person they are interacting with is worth spending time with, they can come clean about who they are.

Preference – One can always find people of their preference instead of first putting up with people and then finding out that the compatibility with them is probably not all that good. Here the youngsters can mention what they are looking for in their partners and then they can find somebody who is closest to their preference. The youngsters try and minimize the effort of figuring things out for themselves and depend on a software and skip all the drama of finding a person in real life and then getting their heart broken.

Saves effort – Surrounded by a sea of people and thinking that there is not even a single individual who might understand you has disappointed way too many youngsters. So they have started depending on the cyberspace for love and companionship. This space ensures that you will interact with various people who will share the same ideas and interests as you and then you can choose who you want to date and take things forward with.

Dating Apps a Boon or a Bane?

Dating apps are fancy for sure, but they are only taking the humane angle away from the whole act of love. Here’s why we think that probably dating apps are not the best thing to happen to mankind-

Convenience – Making the whole thing just a convenient set up was never really the idea behind dating and love. If a person cannot take out the time to actually look for the right person then they may not be the best person at all.

Fake Profiles – There are way too many fake people on the net, who are there only to have fun and play with other people’s emotions. Here the love game gets ugly and certain people get hurt really bad.

The trust factor – There will always be a doubt regarding the other person as long as you interact over the internet. People often lie about themselves and turn out to be somebody completely different from what they claimed to be.

No guarantee – And obviously, even after paying for that premium version of the app there is absolutely no guarantee that things will go really well with the person that you found on the internet.

Dating apps may seem really cool, but at the end of the day, this is life and there is no guarantee of anything. We are dealing with real people on the internet or off it, things can get ugly on cyber space or otherwise and if you’re someone who just doesn’t have time to find a person you love in the real world, then probably you aren’t made for love at all. Stop thinking of this as a game and looking for perfect people on the internet when you are not all that perfect yourself.


  1. Thanks to an ugly combination of the advance teenage rush and the internet, dating apps is the new cool among the Indian youth. It is one of the easiest escape to calm the hormonal flow as well as ‘enjoy’ the life the way one wants to! However, the menace of the dating apps has surrounded our youngsters and pushing them to the uglier picture of the future. Make a note, people, social media is not real life and is more governed about how you settle it!


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