Indian Youth Prefers to Be Constantly Connected ?

The youth is way more than just addicted to technology. Given the new era of the boom of social media and increase in the number of tech savvy people, the world is rapidly changing to suit the needs of the youngsters who want everything available at their fingertips, quite literally. The youth feeds off the social media, they want to be connected all the time and if not, they feel like a major chunk of life is being taken away from. A lot of people may feel that this is not the ideal way of growing up, but we cannot blame the youth for this. This is where the revolution has got us and we have no other way of surviving than to adapt to the change. Apart from the technological change that has overshadowed everything that is currently happening in the world, there are a few changes in the habits of the people too which forces them to stay online all the time-

1. News updates – The fastest and the most precise way of finding out what is happening in the world or two blocks away from your home is the internet. The news is updated first on the websites or the apps and then on the television or in the newspaper. The net is the first place where the masses head when they hear something huge or want to know about the general updates. It is easy, affordable, only a click away and well, written to the point.

2. Knowing your friends and relatives – The internet also lets you know what your long lost friends are up to, and what your relatives do when they are not too busy gossiping about you. The social media, the messaging apps keep a person connected to almost all the people all across the world for free, most of the time. Facebook and other social media websites have helped in bringing people who lived far away to a wall’s distance from you. Also, people have gotten into the habit of publicizing their lives and this what the social media thrives on.

3. New ideas – Staying plugged in has its own pros and cons. One of the biggest advantages of staying connected all the time is being able to see various different ideas on display all the time. One can widen his own mental horizon by simply logging on to the internet and going through the creative ideas of other. There is a place for everyone and everything – tattoos, doodles, paintings, poetry, blogs, articles etc.

4. New opportunities – gone are the days when the youth used to go register itself at the nearest employment exchange or look for a job in the newspapers. Nowadays, they recruiters approach you via your profile on Monster or LinkedIn. serves as your best friend and various other such platforms bring you closer to the people who are most likely to hire you based on your interests and skills.

The connectivity has changed the lives of many is continuing to do so every single day. People are tripping on technology and it has made a very special place in everybody’s life. Now there is no need to depend on anybody for anything. One can easily use internet connectivity to solve all of his/her problems. The youth is the most receptive of the changes so far because it is easy to convince the youth in comparison to the older people who are not very comfortable with depending on technology. Well, we’re waiting till they are bitten by the technology bug. Soon they will be seen living virtual lives themselves and the youth will have to nudge them to get them back to the real world.

Image Courtesy : Garry Knight via Flickr/Creative Commons


  1. Today, we are all living online and this something that has been acknowledged by the Indian Prime Minister as well. If we look it closely, it has become important to be there 24*7. Staying connected means staying informed and informed citizens have a different approach to the world. Being in a regular touch with your people, discussing ideas and opportunities will enable them to build new ventures. This is further needed for the startup India.


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