Indian Youth wishes Freedom from Fatwa and BANS

Of late the nation is witnessing too much of aggression in the country about do’s and don’ts being guided by someone or the other. It has started appearing that one person with a different perception about a certain thing will propose a complete BAN on the same and then people will start flowing in opposition or in support of the same causing a lot of commotion in the society. We happen to be a democratic nation. Having fundamental rights of practicing one’s own religion and freedom of following one’s own way of living seems to disappear gradually as if everything is being dictated and most of the times it is found out to be a not necessary move. But the measure to which it affects the thought process is alarming as the BANS and abductions are giving birth to unnecessary hatred and some annoying situation. Everyone is busy blowing his own trumpet; overlooking the fact that, in the long run, this attitude may lead to ‘friends turning into foes’ situation.

Is this happening because there is too much of free time and people have got the nothing else to do impulse or is this some kind of a behavioral issue that one needs to be in the limelight by hook or a crook? Well on the negative side this looks gaining grounds.

I read somewhere that “India is on the verge to become Ban-istan” and this came from someone non- political.

Every morning the newspaper reads “BAN on ………” or “Fatwa against…” what kind of a society are we heading to, is it not more about what we cannot do or should not do, as per the extremists. Why are we entertaining the extremism over democracy? A society being governed by restrictive living than the inclusive liberties, will it really prove helpful for the growth and development that we all dream about?

It is not just the politicians or administrative to be blamed but also the society as a whole which accepts troubles and problems and a fearful living guided by restrictions, over their otherwise small happiness which comes to them from liberty and peaceful surroundings.

We are in the 21st century heading on to a modern age life; the restriction seems to propel us not forward but backwards to the primitive ages. How can someone’s food habits affect the others’ life or religion, aren’t we a democracy and practicing our lifestyle in our own ways. People will always contradict on one thing or the other if anything is imposed forcefully. Had the Ban been a solution then there would not have any crime at all.

There has to be a better way to communicate and make people understand the pros and cons of a proposal or a situation. Every individual if made to understand the religious and scientific reasons behind a practice or the ideas against practicing it will get a support for sure as no one insults anybody over religious grounds and their beliefs. A good cause is always appreciated and no one likes to be rude or bad until s/he is provoked and hurt somewhere deep. The best thing about India is its unity in diversity, when a Hindu pays visits to a mosque or a Muslim runs a store in the temple and pays respect to the Gods, is it really difficult to bring people under one roof for a particular cause? Is BAN and Fatwa the only solution?

Why do we need to bifurcate the colours basis the religions we follow. Excess coverage by the electronic media over the not so important news as they are fetching them a lot of money and the divide and the policies of the politically motivated and self centered people who care the least about the nation is a concern. The biased thoughts and the created chaos will lead to where an what?

India gives a space and liberty to its residents to follow all the religions with independence. India has a large number of foreign tourists every year and they take back good memories as they are made to feel at home, but, somewhere or the other these internal conflicts are affecting and tarnishing the image of our nation. Not to forget quite a few cases of molestation and manhandling the foreign tourists have been reported along with the high rate of Indian women and girls being assaulted. Is this not a concern?

The youngsters whether a girl or a boy faces bullying once or twice in the lifetime be it a social dysfunction or a religious outburst sometimes or the other a scar is left. That turns into hatred. Is that really a good sign? Why can’t we be safe in our own nation, our own house? Why do we have to live a restricted and proscribed life?

If we really are willing to ban something or issue a fatwa against something it should be against the narrow thoughts, it should be the evil practices, it should be the social impair, it should be against the female foeticide, it should be against child labor, domestic violence, the crime against women. We should raise our voice against inflation, unemployment, drop in agro- based produces, evacuation of villages, farmer suicides, malpractices and corruption. Only then can we call ourselves free and independent in true terms.

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