Internet & Social Media Usage among youth in India

We use the internet like our life depends on it, and why not, you name it, the internet has it. Internet helps you do everything human beings are unable to – communicate, find friends, find love, tell you the meaning of difficult words, show you movies, tell you good restaurants, tell you who attacked whom, let you play, and well, let you watch porn. There is a reason, and quite a justified one at that, why most of us have turned to the internet for good. Internet is a life saver, and I believe there is barely anybody who hasn’t been affected by the internet yet.

So, here are the times when you wished internet was a person so that you could hug it –

When TV backstabbed you – You Youtube-ed or Dailymotion-ed your way through boredom. You hog on all those extra GBs looking for viral videos and movies, and a lot of other junk which we might not want to disclose here. Youtube is like a blessing in disguise and you couldn’t sleep at night when you heard Piratebay got banned.

When you had nobody to play with – Keeping you covered one more time, the internet came to your rescue when you were standing in the middle of the playground with no one on your side. It was you up against the world, but internet never left your side. You came back and played till your eyes watered and your hand started hurting. You started believing in the internet like it was the Bible.

When you wanted to stalk other people – Stalkers have become uber cool and tech savvy, they don’t need addresses and phone numbers now! Log in, look for him/her, stalk them and then sneak out unnoticed, who knew stalking would become so easy in the coming time. And there is barely any difference between stalking a local crush or a crush who lives in the other city/state/country.

When you had to plan a holiday – You had to plan the biggest holiday of your life and you owe it all to the internet. From the places you could go to, to how to reach there and what to do there, you had everything on the itinerary and people gaped at you with their mouths open. You know that feeling, alright!

Projects, dissertations and thesis – That last minute project preparation couldn’t have been possible without Google and Wikipedia. You might as well want to name your kids after them, that is how indebted you are to the internet. Half your degrees are courtesy google and all you just can’t thank it enough.

When you wanted to hear the news not nonsense– A much toned down version, but the perfectly apt news is available all over the net all the time and we love that. Thank god that you don’t have to put up with those shouting morons who are sitting on those chairs only to hoard TRPs.

When you avoided the painful placement drives – Well, you wanted a job and you got one through or probably Linkedin or or something, you know what I mean. Running from one office to another with a file which has your certificates and resume in it, is too mainstream. We make a profile on the job portals and come out a winner.

When you didn’t want to go out and shop – Saving you from the blazing sun, the humidity, and the task of getting up and getting ready only to go out and buy cool stuff, internet has proved to be the biggest ass-saver for the mankind. It brought home clothes and other cool things from all across the world and all you had to do was pay according to your convenience.

If you are all teary-eyed and counting your blessings, well spare yourself the drama because internet is something that will never leave you. It will always be there no matter what – through your ups and downs, through the thick and thin, through the highs and lows, and through Mondays and Fridays. All you need to do is keep paying the bill.


  1. The Internet is nothing less than a revolution of our times. With the romance of the young coders and the internet, life has become further easier. Who knew that all your television favorites can be viewed anytime online at just the wait of buffering? Not only this, the idea of social platforms like twitter, facebook, linkedIn etc have promoted the work from home culture prominently. What can be better than this? You can work all day without worrying about your appearances or the job culture of any corporate!!


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