Youth of India is now emerging as a new power that has the potential to bring big transformations within the country and that can actualize all the big aspirations related to the nation. The youth constitutes the young generation who possesses the young and innovative ideologies; their ways of thinking and acting are unique and reflect modernity. In the recent times we have observed that the participation of the youth has gradually increased in all the spheres of the country, their contribution in the process of development cannot be denied the young generation has realized the value of Education and thus they are making a vital use of education in the path of advancement and progress of the nation. Even the government also is now realizing the usefulness of the youth for the growth of the country and that it why it has directed its very focus towards the advancement of the same, government is now trying to provide good and progressive environment, facilities and opportunities to the youth so that the young generation can assist the government in the process of growth of the nation.
As we all are already aware of the present situation of our Indian society and the nation, even after many sincere efforts done, there still prevail many of the social, political and environmental issues which still need to be sorted out and only the youth has the power to resolve such complex and old established issues with the help of their fresh and modern standards and thoughts. The youth of today is now raising voice against the social taboos, prejudices, political hoaxes, and all other issues which make our society and country down and lagging behind. They have the spark within them that does not let them sit idle and watch the disgrace of India and our Indian society.  In fact, the youth is now ready to lay down a new foundation of Religion and Spirituality that would not be based on Communalism/Racism/Casticism but would rather be based upon Wisdom, Enlightenment, Humanity, Kindness and Universal Love. The youth is now getting in charge and ready to change the old patterns of running the nation, they are now becoming active in the following spheres:
  • Socially becoming Aware and Raising Voice: the old social patterns, social stratification, caste system, and Reservation system, orthodox ideologies are no more acceptable to the young generation of India. They now want to establish a society that is based on new spirit of brotherhood, social acceptance, humanity and revised secularism and that is why when they witness any such old pattern ruling the society they eagerly raise their voices against it. Besides this, the youth is also becoming very much aware about the other important and serious social issues like; domestic violence, crimes, rape, child labour, drugs, human trafficking, honour killing; and they are not only raising their voices against these issues but their aggression is shown in the form of protests and collective consciousness. Many of the young individuals have come up together; some have joined NGOs, started volunteering in awareness campaigns and programmes in order to help in the eradication of these issues. This clearly shows that the youth of today is now ready to make the Indian society; a better and a reformed society.
  • Concerned for the Environment of the Country: the youth of today very well understand that only a clean community and a country is able to sustain growth and prosperity and that is why the youth is now making their best efforts to make the city and society clean and healthier. In the recent times we have observed that the young people have tried to spread awareness among the other people about the benefits of keeping the environment clean, may it be the college/school students, employees of MNCs, Government servants and even young celebrities all of them have made sincere endeavours to make the country clean. Many of the young individuals have made their own small groups and doing the cleaning tasks at their own then there are some who are involved with the cleaning projects being run by certain organizations.
  • Want a Fair Politics:  the very first demand of the youth of today is that they want a Corruption Free Government as well as a Country. They so eagerly wish to have governance where there is no place for bluffness, corrupted officers/bureaucrats/ administrators and moreover corrupted politicians. They truly understand that the politics does not mean to exploit the wealth and prosperity of the country but rather running the governance in such a manner that facilitates growth and progress for it. Thus, many of the young individuals are now coming up in the front and trying to becoming politically active. Many of the young people are getting prepared at the initial levels such as participating in the college’s, university’s or Union’s election so that they have a better idea of management and administration at a later stage. The youth have better and fresh ideas to be introduced in the politics of the country, they truly believe in fairness and our democracy.
After seeing the youth being so much willing to change the country and to bring improvement in the same, we can certainly say that there is a youth revolution evolving in India. The youth wants to reshuffle the old arrangements of the governance and want to reconceive the society. They want to produce new opportunities for the economy in order to revitalize it and to make it globalized, they better understand the issues and have empathy for them but they also are ready to resolve all those issues that pulling down the nation from becoming a fully developed and a super powerful country in the world.


  1. Indian youth has surely witnessed a spark of change, not immediately but steadily. If I look back at the last parliamentary elections, 2014 can be claimed as a year where the results of this change were apparent. However, the reflection of this silent wave was well observed in 2011 when Anna movement was on a rise. Not only in 2014. Thanks to the internet and social media, the awareness level has risen and this is where the screen brightens!


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