Is Bollywood corrupting the Indian Youth ?

Indian cinema has witnessed a long journey through which it has not only been evolved but has also become a significant factor that has its own impact on the lives of the people. Bollywood is the tag/nickname to refer to the Hindi language film industry that has been based in Mumbai for over a century now. The origin of Indian cinema was not accidental but we can call it as an endeavour being implemented out of a need, in the old times the sources of entertainment were very few and thus eventually cinema observed its origin. With the passage of time cinema has evolved and has left a deep impact on the minds of the people, through the different dimensions of movies, documentaries and advertisements cinema has now become an integral part of the people’s lives, they feel connected to the movies and the actors who work into those movies, not only this but, movies have become a psychological impetus that can inspire, guide, motivate, rule the mind and even sometimes can mislead the people.

Indian cinema has gone far away from its fundamental objective now; that is to entertain the people and have adopted a different way of representing itself that is further promoting profanity, agitation and wicked psychological tendencies among the people. And the section of the people that is being the most affected and influenced by it; is the Youth, the Indian youth have been deeply impacted by the movies that the Bollywood caters them because in reality it is not only the movie but the actors and actresses of the movies who influence them the most. Youth constitutes the 32% of the population and more than 15% of the youth has the access to mass media. Today, Bollywood has not remained limited to cinema halls only but it has raised its reach to various modes of communication such as through the medium of print media, radio, and television and even through the Web; Bollywood is influencing the youth in vivid manner. The life and daily stories of the celebrities (actors/actresses) are now served in the most fascinating and mesmerizing ways in front of the youth that make them to believe that the actors and actresses are the perfect human beings, for some they become the role models and even the idols.

Movies are no more the source of entertainment but they actually rule over the minds of the youth, the lifestyles, thinking patterns, ideas and thoughts of the youth are now very much moved and altered by the movies of the Bollywood. And it is also not deniable that in the recent times Bollywood has begun to serve a different kind of cinema that has given rise to many unhealthy impulses among the youth, so much of vulgarity, over-frankness, overtly physical exposure, crookedness, and nonsensical ideas have been served to them.

Vulgarity has Diverted the Focus

The concepts, ideas, storyline, music, dialogues, lyrics of the songs everything has become so degraded and meaningless, there is no quality found in the stuff the today’s Bollywood movies are presenting in front of the people. There is ‘chikni Chameli’ to provoke the youngsters by her arousing thumkaas and nakhre, then there is ‘Baby Doll’ and ‘Zandu baam’ girls who are intentionally trying to arouse the sexual impulses in the youngsters, lyrics like “photo ko chipkaale saiyaan Fevicol se” are just so absurd, there is no sense but just vulgarity. The sex content in the movies is increasing gradually that has also aroused a subtle curiosity and sexual drives in the youth to explore; sex, even the non-adults have an immense excitement to watch porn movies and to visit the porn sites.

Too much of physical exposure of the actors in the movies encourage the youngster to adopt a profane dressing sense, they too start believing in exposing more of the body and covering it less. Too much of abusive language, intimate scenes, sex content and all vulgar stuff is certainly corrupting the mind-set of the youth and also diverting their focus and attention from the high standards.

Promoting Bad Habits among the Youth

In almost every Hindi movie there are scenes of smoking and drinking alcohol that also encourage many of the young people to adopt bad habits of smoking and drinking alcohol when the young generation see their favourite actors endorsing alcohols and cigarettes and when they see the big stars shaking their legs on the vulgar songs like; “whisky kaa peg laga ke party yunhi chalegi” & “har bottle pe kehta hai yeh last hogi aaj ki”;  they have no reason for why not to follow those actors?

Depiction of Violence increases Agitation in the Minds

So much of crimes, violence and terrorism are shown in certain movies that are enough to agitate the minds of the youth.

Promoting wicked tricks and nonsensical hoaxes

Some movies (Special 26, Khosla kaa Ghosla, Dhoom, Vicky Donor) also encourage nonsensical ideas among the youth, and motivate them to implement wicked hoaxes in their real lives instead of focussing upon doing hard work.

However, we cannot completely say that Bollywood is serving only profane cinema because there are certain good movies too, which have been produced in the past few years and which have inspired the youth to a great extent. Some exemplary movies like Rang De Basanti, 3 idiots, Iqbaal, Chak De and etc., have tremendously motivated the youth to bring improvement and good spirit in their lives. The youth get highly motivated by good movies which have something worthy and positive to show and serve to the mankind.

It is good on the part of the Indian cinema that it depicts the creativity of an actor and  also highlights the practical aspect of the society and the mankind but it should also try to maintain a balance between what needs to be catered and what should not be served to the audience. The young generation of the country should be directed in a right way and they should be served with such a cinema that exhilarate their inner spirit, boost up their great ideas and thoughts and inspire them to act in the way of improvement of the nation as well as of the society.


  1. It is weird to be here but the fact that Bollywood has turned into a failing restaurant which serves the rotten material to the society. I fail to understand that how can our film stars and the related people in the industry tend to ignore the idea of mass following they have! Having a huge impact on the minds of the youngsters, it is saddening to see how they have managed to play with the minds of our youth.


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