is India prepared for natural disasters ?

Natural calamities have become the biggest threat to the world, especially after the series of earthquakes in Nepal, our neighbor. Thus, India needs to be extra cautious and prepared for even the worst calamity of all times. To be able to face the calamity and bear minimum loss, a lot of preparation and cooperation will be required. So what do you think is India prepared for any natural calamity? No, we aren’t, not yet, but we will be. Let’s see how-

Spreading awareness – To begin with, every person in the country should know what natural calamities can occur and how disastrous each one of them can be. After one knows the various calamities, we could demonstrate the safety precautions and the steps on what to do while the calamity is taking place or is approaching. Televisions, radios and other sources of broadcast should be brought into use for this purpose and government officials/volunteers could go to remote villages to explain the same thing in person.

Keeping an emergency stock – Natural calamities destroy everything- the shops, the houses, people and their stock of food and other important things. Hence, it is of utmost importance that food and other supplies be stocked from time to time to ensure that there is enough stock at the time of calamity to help the victims. The stock should be kept at a place which is not prone to destruction by natural calamities or anything else.

NDRF – The National Disaster Response Force(NDRF) is a unique force which is only existent in India. The main operations of this force are helping the people when a natural calamity is approaching or has already happened. Otherwise throughout the year, this force keeps getting trained and does community awareness programs where they teach people or children how to take precautions and safety measures during a natural disaster.

Shelters – A natural calamity will not announce its arrival before it actually comes, so shelters where the victims can be taken to should always be in place so there is no mishmash at the last moment. There should be one shelter in every area, and the people and the government, together should be responsible for looking after it.

Medical Help – The shelters should also have an annex in which medical treatment could be given to people if they get hurt, or at least first aid should be available. Medical help is of utmost importance during the calamity because there might be too many people getting hurt, so if possible, people should also learn how to give first aid, well in advance, because chances are that the number of patients will outrun the number of doctors.

Other Preparations – Most of the other preparations are on the individual level, help other people like children and old people to get them to a safe place. Always have an emergency bag packed with all the things that you may need in case a calamity strikes, like – a torch, some cash, water bottles, phone charger, first aid kit, some clothes etc.

We all know that nobody can determine when the natural calamity will strike, but it is our duty to be ready for whatever comes our way. All this points at only one thing- you, me, we all are India, are we prepared for a natural calamity? Can we be the guiding light when the country if officially at its lowest? I guess, the answer is pretty clear. Yes, we are. It only depends on us how prepared we can be at all times and how our presence of mind can help our country come out of the deepest shit.


  1. Wide geographical area and the location in the Indian Peninsula, India is prone to natural disasters every now and then. The question in this situation is, are we ready for the same? Uttarakhand Tragedy, Leh Cloudburst, Tsunami in the south in 2004, latest Chennai floods and many more! The list is endless. We need to establish an effective forecasting system which can give us efficient predictions in time. At the same time, NDRF must be strengthen with latest technology and efficient people.


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