Is Indian youth becoming more materialistic with time?

Well before you start saying a No to it lets just think about it, can you leave your Smartphone for even a day, and particularly for boys if your bike gets a nasty scratch, would you be as cool and calm as the Black Knight from the Monty python and a holy grail saying “Tis but a scratch”. I guess it a big no. Well then there you go, you are a materialist, the definition of being a materialistic is pretty simple, when you start yourself connecting too deeply with the materials and when it becomes an inseparable part of your life, you become a materialist, for whom the ‘things’ matter more than anything. Sure you will say it is not like that, people also matter to you, emotions also matter, well then dare to o this experiment, for just one week stop the use of internet altogether, no FB, no twitter no whatsapp. Stop using bike to go anywhere, you want to talk to a friend, walk to his house and talk face to face, stop using anything which you think right now you can’t live without, and you will get the point of what I am conveying here.

Materials actually have got imbibed very deeply in our life and it is indeed hard to live without them even for a day, but is it natural to lead such life? We rarely get to have quality time with ourselves; we keep ourselves so busy with these materials around us to run away from our crowd of thoughts shooting at light speed in our heads, not for one second now you can sit down and do nothing at all. In addition to this, now with the rise on online shopping a new generation of youth has come out which is proud of being a shopaholic, they literally spend most of their time looking through the items they want to buy or hope to buy in future. While the materialistic generation is growing the human contact is decreasing day by day, friends get together now and soon start checking their Smartphone and soon everybody just quietly sitting remains engulfed in their phones like it’s a freaking ritual to sit in a group talk nothing and just quietly play with your phone. It is not that those things are not important; the point is not to give those things too much importance, such that your life would come at halt if those things are not around.

Materials only serve some particular purposes and they should not become as important as life itself. Shopping endlessly is just wasting your time and money on some things which you really don’t need, try giving out the blanket to a poor with the same money, or food to the hungry. It has way more power to fill that empty space in your heart which you are filling with irrelevant things. Try to move towards your heart rather than mind, try to feel the wind for once; it’s been long since you have done, since you have started everything for granted. Start living again through heart and find the peace within.

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  1. Call it the success of the marketing tactics of the retail houses expanding slowly in India or our surrender to the materialism but we have become more materialistic in our approach. I will take a little liberty to blame the internet and the associated devices in this business that has led us here. With time and our own understanding of the world, we must try and give up this habit in our own favour and also for the country.


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