Is Social Media Making Children Lose Interest in Academics?

The recent times have seen social media as a strong medium of expression and speech. The ‘viral’ fever has assured the spread of the information across the borders in no time. A wide outreach of the internet and easy usage has further added to the benefits of this eminent platform.

However, the easy access of social media and the internet has caused certain adverse effects. The exposure of the same to students at a young age created a huge void between the relationships of the students with their academics.


If we are to answer the title of this article, it is a big yes. An analysis, providing an outlook over how the social media has resulted in making children lose their interest in academics is presented below:

What to do with a break?

The human brain is vulnerable to boredom and it is acceptable as well. The factor that is affecting out young generation is the medium used to curb the boredom. Saying hello to a friend over the messenger or scrolling down one’s profile in a short break turn to be an activity for hours. The temptation forces any average brain to ignore the books and thus, time is wasted.

The possible alternative to it can be a brisk walk or a quick nap. They prove to be more productive than straining eyes over the Facebook, twitter etc.

Virtual relationships

With the growth of the social media, the virtual relationships have grown equally. Sadly, like, comment, share, un-friend and many such social media terms determine the intensity of any friendship. To maintain this link with the friends and acquaintances post school and college leads to distraction from the academics.

Students must focus on building a strong bond with the people who actually matter than those who set priorities on social media.

Varying interests

The unrealistic truth of our Indian education system is that a squirrel is judged by her ability to swim. Driving a reference between the two, we find that students at school and even at college chose academic subjects in peer pressure. Eventually, they end up losing the interest in the subject. Ultimately, they sought to different means to entertain them.

The free choice of choosing the subjects must be given to each and every student. If it interests them, they will excel in it, anyway!

Keeping up with the world

As the opening lines of the article itself claims, social media is the largest medium for the exchange of the news. The quick transmission fascinates students of different interests to keep up with what matter to them. This instinct to stay updated with the facts and the figures happening across the world is another menace of social media lying on the way.

We need to understand that the news transmitted in this manner may or may not be authentic. Nothing matters than our own education, thus focus on it.

An entire idea of losing interest in academics is basically centralized around distraction. In a way or the other, distraction obstructs the path. Possibly, we are required to figure and eradicate the factors which cause a distraction. Also, students must try to understand that education is the only means that will serve them bread. Social media world may be tempting, but life is what it is!

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  1. One of the things I am thankful for is that a major of my education is over much before the introduction of the social media. Honestly, directly or indirectly, social media has made our students lose interest in the studies. Regular conversation and the habit of chatting with their friends have kept them away from their books and academics. In a mad vow to keep up with the world, the students are turning to not a fair-medium and thus end up wasting their time.


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