Is Youth Brand Conscious?

We are living in an age where brands define people and their status more than their thoughts and opinions. The world has reached a point where vanity has overshadowed sanity and money does the talking. The big question though is if the youth is part of this masquerade. The youth is no doubt very conscious about how they look and what they wear, but do they also judge people according to the brand they wear? Dissecting the choices of youth may seem like a difficult thing, but actually it is really simple. So what is the answer?


The youth doesn’t care about the brands and the tags, they love wearing whatever suits them and whatever they want to. It can be something from Sarjini Market, Delhi or from the showroom of Satya Paul. It can be a simple maxi dress from Colaba, Mumbai or an LBD from Zara. It is all about ‘how it looks’ for the youth, they make choices based on what suits them and they don’t hesitate in accepting that flea markets satiate their hunger for fashion and the perfect boho look. Reasons why we think so–

It’s all about the look – Never before have we seen looks that come from a combination of street and showroom shopping. Now the youth goes and picks that perfect pair of shoes from Charles and Keith which will go amazingly well with a crop top and high wasted pants that they bought from the Bandra Linkin road. The pair like pros and they are unapologetic fashion hoes.

What’s in a name – With millions of designers graduating every year, there are numerous fashion brands and clothing lines which we have never even heard of. They are all super talented, so the youth is often blessed with the plethora of choice in less money.

We don’t care – Whenever they hear people saying something isn’t in or cool enough, they throw a ‘who cares’ look and walk around defiantly, flaunting their absolutely expertise in mix and match. Boys and girls both are too busy trying to up their fashion game to think about the brands they want to be loyal towards.

Nothing can satisfy us – And the truth has been spoken! Nothing, absolutely no brand has the power to limit the wants of the customers. The stylists are still far behind the consumers who set the trends and most of the times design their clothes themselves.

We like the freedom of choice – Like everything else non-committal that has been attached to the youth, this is one more. They don’t want to get attached to any one line of fashion. They like to experiment with their looks and that is only possible if we keep all options open. They like having a lot of choices and being their own boss.

There is no set definition of fashion, there never was and if the brands are encashing on that, then why can’t the youngsters? The youth, the trendsetters of today have made the world of fashion way more exciting with their unpredictable choices, their love for quirk and their incredible fashion sense. Thus, today they are least bothered about the name of the brand, all they care about is if it sells and if it makes them look like a million dollars. Their uninhibited sense of style has taken the whole world by surprise and breaking the stereotypes, the youth of today is sure to become a style icon for generations to come.

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  1. Looks before books is one of the latest fads among the Indian youngsters. We have suddenly become judgier than valuing the mental strength of any person. I feel a part of youth is brand conscious while second part still values brains. However, the third category is of those who can totally relate to the both. It must be noted that we must self-groom ourselves and concentrate on the studies at the same time.


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