JNU misguiding the idea of student union

The idea of a student union and subsequently the student politics was brought to the force with an idea of promoting the positive agenda. The idea of introducing the students to politics at the college level was to help them polish their skills of communication, leadership, and many more. Apart from this, the idea behind it was to channelize the conversation between the faculties and the students.
In short, to raise the voices of the students and to improve the relationship between the students and faculites and the students and the authorities.
However, one thing went wrong in this idea was the assumption. We assumed this to be an ideal situation where the educational institutes will enact and follow the rules and regulations strictly. By now, I am sure it is clear that we are already talking about the recent uproar over the series of events that have taken place in the JNU campus. The misuse of the decentralized power in the form of student union with regular support from the central authorities of the university have resulted in a protest which apparently saw slogans raised against India. I am unfortunate to mention this here but the Indian media further ignited the fire to a whole new level with the support of a few politicians and an agenda to promote polarization of the votes.
In the country of a billion, it’s next to impossible to make every brain match the same frequency. To counter this, our Constitution provided us with a right to expression of speech. But it seems that expression is misinterpreted by the JNU student union.
If we look at another debate surfacing where the supporters of JNU are openly asking if it is a crime to protest against the government just because it subsidizes your education. Well, there is a thick line between the protest and a revolt. For those who are considering it to be unethical of the government to attempt to ‘crush’ the protest, please realize the difference between going anti-government and anti-national and thus pay a close attention to realize in the best interest of your country. Being the students, it is your right to let surface the irregularities but revolting against the nation is totally unacceptable!
How to counter the anti-national elements?
Amidst all this, we need to understand that JNU is not just what its student union portrays, There are a lot of students on the campus to make the most of the opportunity and make a fortune for their future. Generalizing JNU as anti-national in one go is an injustice to those students. To counter the ones who carry sympathy for the terrorists,  the procedure is simple and completely abide by the constitution. Simply reconsider the admission files of all the students and scrutinize the ones who either have been involved in the treason or similar activities after an impartial inquiry. Culprits to be punished and the chances of survival of such venture to be crushed before it heads up!
With no second thoughts, JNU is simply carrying forward the legacy of protests and demonstrations. I feel that both, the authorities and unions, are responsible for it. There must be centralization of the power but in a regularized manner. In no case, anti-national activities shall be entertained!


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