Is Joining Armed Forces an Attractive Career Option?

Being part of the Indian Armed Forces is both a matter of honour and pride. Whether you choose to join the Army, the Navy or the Air Force, you would be among the handful that is trusted to safeguard the country and protect its interest. The Armed Forces is the reason why a population of 1.26 billion can go sleep peacefully at night. It is true that Armed Forces is not for the faint-hearted. It is about putting your country’s interest ahead of yours. It is about having the ability to make sacrifices. It is about loving your nation above everything else.

However, while all that may seem patriotic and ideal, when choosing a career you need to consider a lot of other factors. It regularly reported that the number of people choosing to be part of the Armed Forces is steadily declining.

Indian Armed forces Carere Option

Let us try and see whether joining the Armed Forces is indeed as fulfilling as it seems from outside or is it all glitter and no gold.

Job Security

When picking out a career, you always consider job security as a huge factor. You want to have a career where you are not living in the fear of being shown the door all the time. A career in Armed Forces will give you the job security that is unparalleled in any other sector; not to forget the satisfaction and respect that comes with it.

Good Salary

You cannot be guarding the borders and serving the nation if your family back home is not taken care of. The scope of income and growth is definitely one of the primary concerns when picking a career. While being in the Armed Forces comes with its fair share of perks, the 7th Pay Commission (CPC) has brought in more good news for those considering it as a career. Special care has also been taken while devising the salary structure for the Personnel below Officer Rate or PBOR’s.


If you are a part of the Armed Forces, chances are you would have to spend a substantial part of your career staying away from your family and loved ones. While that is not the case with everyone, it is one of the primary reasons why people are in two minds about choosing the Armed Forces. The government tries its best to make up for that by providing great facilities for the immediate families of those serving in the Armed Forces.

Higher Education

If you are a member of the Armed Forces and wish to pursue higher education, the government will make sure you get to do that and are provided with all kinds of support required. There is no other field where you can expect this level of opportunity and when it comes to supporting education along with a career.

Post Retirement Benefits

The post-retirement life of people who have served in the Armed Forces is comfortable and filled with opportunities. Post retirement, money is the last thing you want to worry about. After having served in the Armed Forces for a few decades, you can be sure that there will be a steady flow of income and all your needs are taken care of.

To be a part of the Armed Forces one needs to have a personality that cannot be judged just on the basis of a written examination. It calls for intelligence, a presence of mind, and the passion of serving your country. It comes with its share of risks and there are challenges that are hard to meet. As the famous saying goes, “Armed Forces is not just any other career. It is a way of life.” You can either do it or you can’t.


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