Why Do Kids Steal? – how to put an end to stealing?

Saw your child stealing and hiding- you are raged and flabbergasted, isn’t it? What if you are told that this is common. Well, kids do steal, and that no where proves that your child is going to be a perpetual perpetrator and will land up in jail one day. None of this is going to happen ever. But yes no denying the fact that this is indeed a serious problem and needs attention. Kids are naive, and many a times they certainly are unaware of what they are doing and what is the possible repercusion that they can face because of their deeds. Stealing is one such act. While as elders we know that it is bad, for the child it is just a way of having fun or doing something to get what he wants. This needs a curb, and here are few ways that you can adhere to in order to end your child’ stealing problems.

Find a Pattern

Try to find, if there is any pattern that is associated with your child’s activity. Is he influenced by something? Is there something he needs that he is not getting, and so on and so forth.This will help you to identify the reason why at all he is stealing. This will also help you as a parent to understand the psychological mind frame behind his stealing spree.


Talk to your child. But be positive and approachable. Reprimanding will make the situation worse. It is thus advisable to sit with your child and talk about it at length. Initiate a discussion calmly so that your child opens up with any fright. Taking will give you an insight into what is propelling a child to steal and hide things. And, you can possibly have a solution to the problem as well.

Be Strict and Stern

Once you know that your child is stealing, be strict and stern about it. Be very clear that what he is doing is wrong and is unacceptable to them. Dole out punishment if necessary, but ensure that it is not too harsh to make things worse. However, the best way to go about it is to show your displeasure and stating it sharp and clear that your trust has taken a beating and any thing of this sort will not be tolerated henceforth.

Approach the problem through Ethics

No family wants their kids to steal and hide. Tell your child about your family morals and ethics. Tell them how good virtues are more important than anything else. Don’t lecture. Just state what you feel with examples, stories and anecdotes. Keep it simple. The whole point is that your child should understand what you are intending to say.

Seek Expert Advice

You are the best judge of your child. At any point you if you feel that things are moving out of hand and there is no way you are able to curb this situation, seek expert advice. There could be some inherent issues that you have not been able to lay your hands on. An expert advice is the best way to approach such a situation and find a solution to your child’s stealing issues.


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