Learning to move on

All you can see is a wall blocking your way. But we can do something about this wall: break it down, push it away, jump over it or get superpowers and walk through it ( kidding!) And if we do, you have moved on.

Learning to move on

Life is not a straight-line trajectory. There are larger curves, zigzags and smaller ones too. The first thing one needs to remember is that the ideal life does not exist for anyone: there are hindrances in the form of emotional breakdowns and pain everywhere. Since we cannot avoid them, it is better to know how to face them and move on from them.

You must tell yourself…

It seems that there is a rock on your head; despondency has seized you. However, we will pull through this. You have me, make me your strength. We have been through a lot in life. This is not the end of life. I want you to be prepared for future challenges. We will pull through this.

I do not hate you for whatever has happened and I know that you tried your best.

Sometimes, trying your best is not enough. Sometimes, things are just not in your control and at such times, it is better to surrender to a higher power and be confident of facing any pitfalls. Mistakes happen and this is just a mistake in your life. More than even regretting the incident, you must think about the things you learnt.You have imagined a perfect life for yourself. Yet you must know, dear self, that the perfect life does not exist. Life can be tough, life can be easy but life can never be perfect and whether it is easy or tough, depends on you. Accept whatever has happened; you will heal eventually. Accept that the imperfections in your life do not pertain to you only. All people have imperfections in their lives.

In these blindfolding times, I shall take care of you. I shall pay attention to whatever you are doing and be kind to you all the time. I shall take you past this and lead you to a brighter time: a time in which this will have become a faint memory. Are you willing to go on that journey with me?

All emotions are fleeting; you are experiencing a dark emotion. I do not deny the emotion that is visiting you. I do not deny your present state of mind, but I assure you that these emotions will soon bid you goodbye. We will pull through this.

I need you to remember that you are not small in any way. You have been created and given the gift of life. I need you to cherish this gift of life and to make the most of it. Remove all the things that remind you of the sad happening. Go out somewhere for a vacation. You deserve this much even if it means taking a break from work. You are more important to me than your work. You are important for your family and the people who love you and wish to see you happy. You will have to let go and move on for their sake. ‘Life is a balance of letting go and holding on.’


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